Grown-ish Season 3 is taking it to a new level!

By Desiree Nestor

How will Zoey manage as an upperclass-woman in Grown-ish Season 3? Pregnancies, break ups, and a brand new house! Who would have guessed that this is what Zoey’s Junior year of College would look like?! But just like the real world, Zoey’s going through the good, the bad, and the ugly. From her awesome job working as personal stylist to New York rapper Joey Bada$$, to her break up with Luca, to Nomi’s surprise pregnancy, Junior year is putting Zoey to the test.

In episode two, Zoey got called out by Nomi, Ana, Sky, and Jazz for being too extra and too judgmental. In Zoey’s defense she just couldn’t handle Nomi’s nonchalant attitude about her unexpected pregnancy. Zoey was also hurt by the fact that Nomi told Zoey’s ex, Luca, about the pregnancy before she told anyone else. But the cold, hard, truth was that Nomi wasn’t ready for Zoey’s big “OMG” reaction. Nomi just wanted someone who would listen. Despite their big fight, by the end of episode two, Zoey and Nomi learned to compromise. Even if it was just Zoey bringing Nomi a cup of Diet Soda with a crushed up multivitamin. Compromise. Acceptance. Patience. These words might be playing a big role in Zoey’s Junior year, as new people, emotions, and situations, come in and out of her life.

Also, speaking of new people, who else can’t wait to get to know more about the new character played by Ryan Destiny. You might know Ryan Destiny as the star of Fox’s hit show “Star.” But on Grown-ish, her character might be shaking things up for Luca and Zoey’s already fragile relationship. The last three episodes left us with one big question: Is she really Luca’s girlfriend? If she is, will Luca and Zoey not be getting back together this season? As of right now, the possibilities are endless.

Almost everyone in Zoey’s crew seems to be doing something new this year. It looks like Sky is going on a date with someone from the Homecoming party, Vivek’s getting a online dating makeover, and Aaron, the only senior of the group, is going through a sentimental year of “lasts.”

In the upcoming episodes, we’ll see how Zoey and Luca manage their lingering feelings for each other. Plus how Nomi and the crew get along with the idea of a soon-to-be house baby. And what other surprises Junior year has in-store for Zoey. The next episode airs Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform!