Halle Bailey Is Seen Wearing A Burlap Dress For “The Little Mermaid” Reboot

A picture of Halle Bailey wearing a scrappy rag dress made out of the famous Burlap fabric on the set of “The Little Mermaid” was shot on June 20. Great, this shows how close the reboot will be from the original!

The picture was taken during a remake of the famous scene from “The Little Mermaid”. The scene right after the princess Ariel is granted her wish: to have legs. After her wish is granted she puts on a makeshift dress made from burlap fabric and goes out to find her Prince Eric. 

Halle Bailey was also seen wearing a blue mask on set while wearing the Burlap dress made by Colleen Atwood (four time winner of the Academy Award For Best Costume Design). The actress was seen wearing a ginger colored wig to better represent the iconic and classic Ariel. It’s good to know that safety precautions are placed between acting scenes. 

Even Though the reboot is staying as close as possible to the original, some differences were noticed in this scene. In the original “The Little Mermaid ”, Ariel meets Prince Eric on the beach after getting her wish granted. However, it seems like Disney chose a different route this time. Bailey is seen getting onto a wagon, which is giving her a ride to the castle. So, it’s a little different but overall it seems like Disney isn’t going too far off the original movie’s storyline. 

There were some controversies in the beginning after Disney announced that Halle Bailey was going to play Ariel. However, Daveed Digs (who is playing the voice of Sebastian) told HollywoodLife exclusively that Bailey was the right choice because of her singing. “I just think that Halle is just the perfect choice for Ariel…everyone is going to fall in love with her immediately. She is so, so good. Her voice is not of this world. The things she can do vocally is something — I have never heard anything like it.” said Digs. 

Overall, the production of “The Little Mermaid” reboot appears to be going really well. As for how different the reboot will be from the original, Daveed Digs didn’t give too much away but he did let the fans in on some great news. He did say that he “thinks” that there will be new songs. That’s always great to hear!

Don’t fret for Young Entertainment will be on the lookout for any more updates on the reboot of this iconic classic!