Happening Around The Web Top Teen

Happening around the web

Here are Young Adult Magazines top picks for fun stuff that has been happening around the web this week, including anything to do with our top teen novels and anything movie-young-adult related:

Xtreme Video made this totally awesome stop motion of little people riding giants with the help of nothing more than a few rolls of fabric, some lego figures and somebodys garden. The results are pretty amazing. Check them out here:

Disney Pixar have a brand new movie,
Lava, coming out in June 2015. They just released the first teaser trailer, and were excited to say the least! Check out the worlds first fully animated, singing volcano below:

If, like 98.783% of the population (and us), you enjoy a regular cup of joe in the mornings to create the illusion of being well rested, you might be interested in some of the science stuff about how it works in your brain. Theres also a handy metric on how much it would take to kill you because, you know, safety first. Check out the awesome video by AsapSCIENCE below:


With the Maze Runner release just around the corner, and The Giver having just come out, Epic Reads are rounding up all your Epic Adaptations news. We wont ruin it for you, but Chloe Moretz! Check it out here:

BuzzFeedVideo has compiled this handy list of Things Beyoncé Does Thatd Be Awkward If You Did Themjust in case youd been checking her Instagram and were debating whether or not to wear a leather bustier and Chanel surfboard for your first day back at school.

SoulPancake decided to host an awesome dance party in the middle of Grand Park in LA. And guess who was invited? EVERYONE. Check out the feel good footage here: