Hear Olivia Thai’s new single “Down To Earth Cool Chick”

With over two million fans and 46K streams on Spotify, Olivia Thai has captured the attention of the music industry. Her newest song is called “Down To Earth Cool Chick” and premiered on Celebmix.

Olivia Thai got her start on Youtube with over 95K fans following her viral covers. She’s also multi-instrumentalist with the ability to beatbox, play the violin, guitar, and piano while singing at the same time. She records each instrument on stage with a looping machine. She is currently on tour and was the opening act for Boyz II Mens concert in Hawaii.

“Down To Earth Cool Chick” is a high energy hit with the message that it is better to be yourself than to try to fit in with the cool crowd. The lyrics are unconventional and challenges the materialistic trend in pop music and the general portrayal of women.

To listen to “Down To Earth Cool Chick,” click here.  Follow Olivia on Twitter (@OliviaThai) and Instagram (@olivia.thai).