Heartstopper | William Gao Answers Twitter Questions

Heartstopper took the world by storm after its release on Netflix, and we still can’t get enough! The show explores sexuality, relationships, queerness, and high school dynamics through some of the most lovable characters you’ll ever see on screen. YEM got the chance to sit down with William Gao, who plays one of our faves on the show, Tao Xu. Tao is close friends with Charlie and plays a main role throughout the first season of the show. Today, we have William answering some Twitter fan questions, so be sure to tune in to hear everything we talk about with him! We also have a full interview with William up on our website and YouTube that you’ll definitely want to check out as well!

First, we got into a little bit about Tao as a character, and had some fans ask some super interesting questions! William told us everything, from what Tao’s favorite film is to what he would wear to the MET Gala! Also, William goes through some differences he shares with his character, specifically surrounding Marvel movies. It was so fun to have these questions to learn more about Tao as a character! 

We also got to talk about some fun behind the scenes stuff. With a cast made up of mostly teens, we can imagine that there were some funny moments on set! William shares some of the silly things that happened off camera with his co-stars, which was so great to hear about. William also tells us about some of his favorite memories and lines during his time acting in the first season, so you won’t want to miss that! 

We can’t thank William enough for chatting with us! Don’t forget to check out the full interview here and watch the full first season of Heartstopper, streaming exclusively on Netflix. Make sure to comment down below and subscribe to YEM’s YouTube for your fix on all things pop culture and entertainment!