High School Musical: The Musical: A Christmas tracklist

Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time to tune into our favorite holiday songs. Those pining for the newest season of High School Musical: The Musical are in for a special treat as the cast is gearing up to share a Holiday Special dedicated to holiday tunes. We’ll get to see the stars of HSMTM perform in the place they grew up as they reminisce on Christmas and Hannukah’s past. The Holiday Special has a long list of well-known songs, from classics carols to modern bops. Let’s take a look at the tracklist and a peek at the performances you’ll have to look forward to.

“This Christmas (Hang All The Mistletoe)”

Sofia Wylie, aka Gina, performs the Donny Hathaway song This Christmas. We hope to see some of that Gina fair she brought in the first season of HSMTM.

“The Perfect Gift”

Joshua Basset, who plays Ricky in HSMTM, pulls out all the stops in the Holiday Special with an original song! It’s especially intriguing since this song appears to be a love ballad written from Ricky’s perspective. We wonder who it could be for.

“Feliz Navidad”

This Christmas classic is performed by Frankie Rodriguez, who plays Carlos, and Joe Serafini, who plays Seb. This cute couple is more than capable of delivering some Christmas cheer.

“The Hannukah Medley”

Julia Lester or Ashlyn on HSMTM goes back to her roots with a tribute to her Jewish heritage. We’ll hear some classic Hannukah tunes remixed into a catchy medley.

“Last Christmas”

Matt Cornett, who plays E.J., brings us back to the 80s with his rendition of Wham’s Last Christmas. You’ll have to see if it compares to the cover performed on Glee.

“White Christmas”

Larry Saperstein wowed us with his snazzy dance moves in the finale of HSMTM’s first season. We can’t wait to see what includes in his performance of this classic Christmas carol.

“Little Saint Nick”

Joshua Bassett and Matt Cornett also get a chance to rival The Beach Boys as they sing the upbeat bop Little Saint Nick in a duet.


There’s only one voice among the HSMTM cast who could rival Josh Groban, and that’s Dara Renee, who plays Kourtney. We can’t wait to hear her bring this enchanting song to life and get nostalgic for The Polar Express.

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

Get ready for a pleasant surprise: Kate Reinders or Miss Jenn will be performing a duet with none other than Mark St. Cyr or Mr. Mazzarra! We hope this points to their characters sharing some romantic scenes in the second season of HSMTM.


Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Nini in HSMTM, takes on the hauntingly beautiful Joni Mitchell song River for her holiday performance. Definitely a stellar song choice by Olivia!

“Something In The Air”

The HSMTM cast gives us a treat with an ensemble performance of an original song. We’re hoping for some fancy choreography to go along with it.

“That’s Christmas To Me”

Frankie Rodriguez. Kate Reinders, Julia Lester, and Joe Serafini team up to bring us this heartwarming song about the meaning of Christmas.

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Dara Renee sings this classic rock ballad and wows us again with her powerful vocals. We can’t wait to hear her bring down the house and deck the halls!

Be sure to check out the trailer for the High School Musical: The Series: The Holiday Special! Look for the episode coming to Disney+ on Friday, December 11.  

Which song are you looking forward to hearing?