HSMTMTS After The Musical: Call 2

Ring! Ring! It’s a call from HSMTMTS (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series) with another teaser for season two. Just last week, we saw Nini and Kourtney’s FaceTime call. The two discussed the musical from the night before and also, what lies ahead for each of them in the year to come. Ending with a pending call from Ricky to Nini, the next clip released, begins with Nini taking his call.

Ricky is quite happy with how the show went and admits he cannot stop thinking about other people’s lines. “Are you a theater kid?” Nini teases him, while obviously pleased by his positivity towards the show. But things turn awkward quick when the discussion of next year’s musical is brought up and Ricky asks her if she plans to participate. Nini is unsure of how to tell him of her conversation with the Dean of the Youth Actors’ Conservatory and the possibility of her attendance to the school. As she attempts to avoid directly answering the question, Ricky is getting a spam of emergency texts from Big Red. After ten messages, Ricky abruptly leaves their call, most likely to call Big Red about his texts. The clip ends with Nini left on the screen, confused but also a bit relieved.

Last we saw Big Red, was in a scene during the end credits. Alone on stage with no audience, he performs a tap routine. Upon completion of his dance, while setting off confetti and mimicking an applauding audience, he realizes there is someone watching. Ashlynn walks out. She walks right up to Big Red, tossing aside the flowers he had sent her, and kisses him. 

Maybe that is what he was spamming Ricky’s messages for? I guess we won’t know for sure until we get a peak into the next call. But as for what to expect from Big Red next, “Season two is just all about bigger and better,” Larry Saperstein (Big Red) stated with Young Entertainment Mag.

For more from Saperstein on season two and behind the scenes of HSMTMTS, go check out our interview with him!