HSMTMTS cast tells YEM all about Season 2!

Wildcats – it’s time to go back to East High! That’s right, the second season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is almost here. The hit Disney+ show is back with new episodes beginning May 14. And the new season is bound to be even bigger than before.

Fans will have a lot to look forward to this season. This year, the school musical will be the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Some of the vast list has even been revealed, and we’re excited to see our East High favorites taking on the classic fairy tale.

We last saw these characters over the holidays in the HSMTMTS Christmas Special. When we last left the characters, Nini and Ricky are going strong. But they’re struggling with the possibility of having to be long distance when Nini is accepted into the Young Actors Conservatory. But that won’t stop the two of them from fun duets and making beautiful music together!

Before the new season premieres, YEM caught up with most of the cast of HSMTMTS. We spoke with Julia Lester, Dara Renee and Larry Saperstein about what fans can expect from the new episodes. Then we spoke with Frankie A Rodriguez and Joe Serafini. They gave us some insights on this year’s musical and what it was like to take on the iconic story of Beauty and the Beast.


We also asked them about their friendships on set, what it’s like to film the show, and what the cast has learned from each other. The three spoke about what they have learned from being a part of the show, and even named their dream guest stars.


We can’t wait to finally see new episodes of High School Musical The Musical The Series!  It’s sure to be everything fans are expecting and more. Are you excited for season two?