HSMTMTS Season 3| Portwell vs. Rina

Get ready HSMTMTS fans! We’re going to talk about two of the most popular ships on the show: Portwell and Rina. This season, we’ve seen a lot of high-pressure stuff happening, between the production of Frozen that Camp Shallow Lake is putting on and the complex relationship dynamics among the campers, and the love triangle between Gina, Ricky, and E.J. definitely fits in with all the chaos. Here at YEM, we can’t get enough of the show, so here’s our breakdown of both ships and what lies ahead for Gina, E.J., and Ricky in season 3. 

If you aren’t familiar, Portwell is the ship name for the relationship between Gina and E.J. Gina and E.J. have had some undeniable chemistry throughout the show, so it’s no wonder that now they’re dating. We’ve seen them share some super cute moments during earlier seasons and now, with the confirmation of their relationship, we can’t help but feel super excited to see where this will lead. When they finally shared their feelings for each other at the end of season 2, we couldn’t wait to see if they’d enter season 3 as a couple – and, spoiler alert, they did! 

While we’re only midway through this season, it’ll be interesting to see how Portwell’s dynamic plays out. We’ve seen them have some super sweet moments on-screen, but we can’t help but worry about what E.J. directing the play will mean for his relationship with Gina. Nothing is supposed to come between them this summer, but it does seem like E.J. being super busy, along with the arrival of Ricky at camp could create some tension for the couple. 

We also have seen Gina sing two love-related songs with both of the guys; in the fourth episode, Gina and E.J. sing “Love is an Open Door” after E.J. comes in to play Hans, and in the fifth episode, Ricky and Gina “What Do You Know About Love.” It seems like these two songs may be foreshadowing the future of each of these relationships, or at least trying to give us a little more information about what we can expect. Does Ricky and Gina singing “What Do You Know About Love” suggest that they might not be compatible in a relationship? Or will E.J. possibly turn out to be deceptive like Hans? There are so many different ways that these songs could be read into! 

The rival ship to Portwell is Rina, which is the relationship between Ricky and Gina. Fans are pretty divided when it comes to this love triangle, and Ricky coming to Camp Shallow Lake at the last minute has definitely caused some debate among fans about who is better for Gina. Ricky and Gina had a lot of chemistry in the past but never seemed to fully get the timing right, which was probably the main thing holding their relationship back. However, it seems like Ricky is finally ready for a relationship, and while Gina is dating E.J., it seems like this love triangle will definitely heat up as season 3 goes on. 

There are also some possible references to less popular ships and pairings that could possibly come to be. For example, in the second episode, “Into the Unknown,” Ricky mentioned maybe dating E.J., and along with the fact that they had such a close friendship before everything with the love triangle went down, it could be possible they have some underlying chemistry. Also, we’ve seen people shipping Jetwen, which is a ship between Ricky and the new, mysterious camper, Jet, who is cast as Hans in the play. It seems like Ricky and Jet have a genuine connection, so who knows how it could play out for them. We also can’t forget about Jack, the guy that Gina met at the airport. While they were only together for a short time, they made a genuine connection, and we can’t help but wonder where that will come in during this season. We definitely wouldn’t be too surprised if Jack even showed up at Camp Shallow Lake during this season!

The most recent episode, “No Drama,” ended with Ricky telling Jet that he and Gina are just friends, but it seems like this could just be a cover-up for Ricky, who is trying to suppress romantic feelings for Gina because she’s in a relationship. Ricky seems to be kind of jealous of E.J. for being with Gina, so it’s safe to say that the pressure is rising, and the next few episodes of season 3 should address this tension. Some people online have even been saying Ricky, E.J., and Gina would work as a throuple, so there are all kinds of theories about how this storyline will play out. Who do you think is the better ship? Are you happy that E.J. and Gina are finally official, or do you want her to end up with Ricky? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to catch HSMTMTS streaming exclusively on Disney+. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to YEM’s YouTube channel and catch our other exclusive content and interviews on the show!