HSMTMTS Season 3 | YEM Exclusive Interview with Ben Stillwell

Have you been watching the new season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? Well, you’ll definitely want to tune into this interview! YEM got to sit down with Ben Stillwell, who plays Channing in HSMTMTS, and talk with him about what it was like filming the new season. Ben’s character, Channing, is a new character who was just introduced this season, and his role is as a camera operator for the docuseries that details Camp Shallow Lake’s production of Frozen.

Ben told us about what it was like to interview for the role, specifically about the difference in the audition process during the pandemic. Ben also talked about his reaction once he got the role, as well as some of the nerves that he had over walking into the show as a new character. He got into what the first day on set was like and how it was interacting with the rest of the cast. To hear about some of the behind-the-scenes action during season 3 and how inviting all of the cast and crew were during his time on set, you’ll want to tune in!

We also got to talk with Ben about some of his past acting experiences, specifically Shake it Up and Teen Wolf, and how both the creative and technical parts of HSMTMTS are different from what he’s done in the past. While Ben had to be a little bit mysterious to avoid spoilers for the rest of the season, he still went into the filming process and gave us some insight into his character. Ben also shares some funny moments that happened on set, so stay tuned for that! Channing is a super interesting character, and we can’t wait to see where his story goes this season! 

Be sure to click the link below to tune into our interview with Ben and find out more about his experience acting as Channing. Don’t forget to leave any questions and comments down below and check out Ben’s work in HSMTMTS. You can catch the series streaming exclusively on Disney+. If you enjoyed getting to know more about Ben and HSMTMTS, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our other exclusive content and interviews on the show!