ICYMI: TV Highlights from the Week of September 20th, 2015

Welcome to ICYMI where YE catches you up on some of the best moments from your favorite TV shows from the past week, you know, just in case you missed it!!! This week features some jaw dropping moments from Gotham, Scream Queens, and Heroes: Reborn, just to name a few. Grab the popcorn and get comfy as you catch up on the TV highlights from all your faves!



As the days left in senior year dwindle over at PHHS, Jenna and co. are left reflecting on the past while still looking toward the future. Adding to the nostalgia is the fact that senior yearbooks are out and senior superlatives are announced, and the big moment from this week’s episode comes when Jenna is MORTIFIED to have received “Most Depressing.” Adding to her worries about the future is the fact that all the people from her mom’s yearbook lived up to their superlatives. But we know Jenna has more in store for her future than hoodies and moping…right?

Faking It


Over at Hester High, part of the gang take a impulsive trip to LA to see Shane’s BF Duke in his MMA fighting debut…a trip funded by Liam’s intern buddy the rich and fabulous Seetah. Predictably, the trip goes bust when Shane feels threatened by Duke’s publicist and outs himself as the one one who outed Duke to the press. Also predictably, working class hippie Karma feels threatened by Seetah’s money and general fabulousness and dips on the trip altogether, creating for the highlight of this week’s episode: Seetah going for broke and planting one on Liam in Karma’s absence. It was a shocking finish to a fun episode. But does Liam return Seetah’s affections? We’ll have to see.



This week marked the premiere of the second season of Gotham, of Fox’s take on the Batman universe. This season is being touted as “The Rise of the Villains” and so far, Gotham has made good on its promises with plenty of screen time for both The Joker’s and The Riddler’s story lines. But the big moment in this premiere episode was when young Bruce Wayne finally discovered the–wait for it!!!!!–Bat Cave!!! What a great moment for fans of the series looking for more Batman origin stories!

Scream Queens


Ryan Murphy’s new slasher black comedy premiered on Fox this week with stars Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The two hour episode was packed to the gills with shocking moments and zinging one liners, but there were a few stand outs. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t braved Scream Queens yet. Just when you think nothing could be more shocking than the Kappa Queen Bee of 1995 ditching her sorority sister who’d just given birth to go dance to TLC’s “Waterfalls” when said sorority sister isn’t looking so good, another shock is in store when the Kappa’s return from their dance party to find the new mother dead in the bathtub. Jaws on the ground at that point. And in another one-two punch, about halfway through the premiere viewers are amazed to find that Nick Jonas’s elitist, republican, douchey frat bro character who serves as sidekick to Chad Radwell’s alpha bro is gay, but not just gay: he’s also sporting a crush on the womanizing Chad. But there’s still more–Jonas’s character appears to get the axe from the Red Devil serial killer…but in the last scene of the premiere, we find him in the morgue and very much alive!! Gasp!!! What dastardly deeds does this devil have planned???

The Muppets


The Muppets returned to television this week with their very own mockumentary style show on ABC Tuesdays. In this new incarnation, a camera crew follows the behind the scenes of the Muppets as they work on Miss Piggy’s late night talk show. As you probably know by now, Miss Piggy and Kermit broke up over the summer, but what you may not know is why. The premiere episode gives us some backstory to the split, and of course, Elizabeth Banks is entirely to blame!!! It’s a complicated situation, but let’s just say that Piggy is a Pitch Perfect fan, and things get emotional, and ultimately Kermit reaches his breaking point with Piggy’s antics.

Heroes: Reborn


And if you thought the Scream Queens two-hour premiere had a lot going on, the ladies of Kappa ain’t got nothing on the relaunch of the Heroes series. The Heroes: Reborn premiere was also 2 hours long and chocked full of jaw-dropping moments. The first I-can’t-believe-it moment came in the first few minutes as (spoiler alert) a giant explosion destroyed the bustling Primatech headquarters in Odessa, Texas. Noah Bennett aka HRG was on scene but somehow made it through the carnage. But did his daughter Claire, aka “Save the cheerleader, save the world”? Cut to a year later, and the event in Odessa is now known as June 13th (kinda like September 11th), and the aftermath of the event also mirrors the events after 9/11–mass fear and xenophobia at the mere thought that your neighbors might not be what they seem, that they might be “Evo’s,” short for evolved humans. There’s a lot of mutant hunting and sealing of borders a la the X-Men franchise, and Zachary Levi comes in to play as a remorseful Evo hunter who is hot on the tail of a young high school student named Tommy, played by Brit Robbie Kay (above), and one of the more likable focal characters. There’s an odd plot tangent with a Japanese girl named Miko who has the ability to transport herself inside video games, an off-kilter plot line that feels unnecessary in the vein of Hiro’s entire arc the second season and beyond of the original series. But other than that, the Heroes relaunch is engaging, filled with mystery and intrigue as Noah Bennett attempts to remember/discover what actually happened on June 13th. Is Claire still alive? What’s going on on Level 5? Where’s Molly Parker? With all this mystery looming, Heroes: Reborn looks to be setting the stage for a very exciting season.