Incredible Lottery Winning Stories

Winning the lottery sounds like a dream come true, and that a tiny piece of paper called winning ticket would make your life so much better. But this is not always the case. Some lottery stories from the infographic below composed by folks from <a href=”“>Stefans List</a> will make you jealous, while others will make you happy you never won anything.

Stephen Cooke

They say that thunder doesn’t strike twice, but Stephen Cooke proved it otherwise. As a Georgia resident, he walked into the Georgia Lottery office in Atlanta to collect his $13 million in winnings from the Mega Millions lottery ticket. However, while he was waiting for the payout, he discovered he had another winning ticket from the same drawing! All in all, he walked out with $26 million.

Gloria Mackenzie

Everyone fantasizes of winning a Powerball jackpot, but for Gloria Mackenzie, that dream became a reality. This 84-year-old lady has claimed the largest US Mega Millions jackpot won by a single ticket — a mind-blowing $590.2 million.

Rumor has it that another customer was kind enough to let her cut in the line and purchase the winning Powerball ticket.

Mackenzie is a retired teacher, which is probably why she donated $2 million to repair the roof of Schenck High School in East Millinocket, Maine.

In addition, she purchased a $1.2 million home in a golf-centered gated community in Jacksonville, FL, close to her son’s home.

Callie Rogers

Winning the lottery is not all sunshine and rainbows as we can see from the Callie Rogers story — Britain’s youngest lottery winner. Callie was just 16 years old when she won £1.875 million (somewhere around $2,8 million).

She was spending money recklessly — buying breast implants, clothes, make-up, tattoos, sports cars, and unsurprisingly, drugs. Over time, she subsequently fell into depression and even attempted suicide four times.

Nowadays, with a net worth of only £2,000, she feels rejuvenated as studies to become a nurse.

As you can see, some lottery stories had happy endings while others didn’t turn out so well. If you’re interested in seeing more fascinating lottery winning stories, keep reading the infographic below.