Interview: Garren Stitt of Andi Mack

Garren Stitt is an actor and musicians, but Disney Channel fans know him best as Marty “from the party” on Andi Mack. Fans will remember that Marty joined the show as a competitive rival for Buffy. Garren is also a talented musician and guitar player and is gearing up to release the first single ‘Acting’ next month. Garren’s upcoming EP is called Heartbreak Lake. YEM spoke with Garren about his role on Andi Mack and what the year will hold for his music career.

Cristine Armosilla

Young Entertainment Mag: Our readers recognize you from Andi Mack. What is it like being a part of that show?
Garren Stitt: Andi Mack was such a great experience. The whole cast and crew are so down to earth, fun, and professional. It also shot in Utah, so it was my first time being there. I also made really good friends on the show. I just want to thank Terri Minsky and Michelle Manning for making my experience so incredible.

YEM: Will you appear in more episodes in the future?
Garren: Looks like you will have to stay tuned to find out… : )

YEM: Do you have any similarities to your character Marty?
Garren: Yeah definitely. I think Marty is just a cool, competitive guy and we both share ambition and confidence.

YEM: You’re also a cast member on General Hospital. How is working on a soap opera different from working on a show like Andi Mack?
Garren: Working on General Hospital is completely different from Andi Mack, which I think is cool. The workflow is different and the amount of material that I have to memorize in a short amount of time is a lot different too. On General Hospital, most everything is shot in one or two takes. Whereas Andi Mack takes a lot more time to shoot a couple lines.

YEM: You’re releasing an EP this year! Tell us about Heartbreak Lake.
Garren: Heartbreak Lake is a story about me meeting this girl that I completely fall in love with too fast. As our relationship grew stronger and stronger, I started realizing that I didn’t want a girlfriend at that time in my life. On top of everything, I would catch her lying and I would put myself in the middle a lot of drama that I didn’t need. And, as selfish as it sounds, I am focused on me and me only… I had to break her heart. Heartbreak Lake drops everywhere sometime in spring so keep your eye out for that.

Cristine Armosilla

YEM: Tell us about your new single “Acting.”
Garren: So, you know when you meet someone that you really click with and talk to all the time? Then, anyone you meet after that doesn’t really compare to them? That’s what the single is about! “With all these other girls I’ve been acting, acting like it’s you.”

YEM: How did you first get involved in music?
Garren: I learned guitar and started making covers in my bedroom and uploaded them to Instagram. While doing this, I fell in love with the process and eventually invested and built a mini studio in my room. I stayed consistent and worked hard. And eventually got discovered.

YEM: Do you prefer acting or signing? Or a mixture of both?
Garren: Acting and singing are really two different things for me. I don’t prefer one over the other, as I wanna do everything! I truly have a passion for both and will continue to grow as an artist.

For more info on Garren, follow him on Instagram @itsgarrentho and visit his website here. Subscribe to his Youtube channel here:




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