Interview: Kim Possible star Ciara Riley Wilson

What’s the sitch? Kim Possible is back! The popular animated series is returning to Disney Channel in the form of a live action movie. And this new movie is complete with new characters, including one played by Ciara Riley Wilson. Ciara plays Athena, a new high school student Kim and Ron befriend who also happens to be the ultimate Kim Possible fan. Athena’s dream comes true when she finds herself tagging along on important missions and joining in on all of the action and adventure as the newest member of Team Possible. YEM spoke with Ciara about her character, the new movie and what it was like to enter the Kim Possible universe! Also, check out our exclusive video interview with Ciara here:

Young Entertainment Mag: You play Athena, a character that did not appear in the original series. Can you tell us about Athena?

Ciara Riley Wilson: Yes! Athena is a new character in the Kim Possible universe, and I am so excited for everyone to meet her. Athena is a new kid at Kim’s school and is ironically the ultimate fan of Kim Possible. When Kim and Ron befriend her and she becomes the newest member of Team Possible, it is a dream come true. Athena is fun loving, passionate, and dedicated. I can’t wait for viewers to see the dynamic she brings to the beloved characters from the original series.

Photo Credit: Ryan West

YEM: Were you a fan of Kim Possible before being cast in the movie?

Ciara: Just like super-fan Athena, I was a huge fan of the Kim Possible cartoon series! I remember looking up to Kim as the ultimate girl power icon. When I heard they were making a live action movie, I was so excited to see how the world of Kim Possible was going to come to life. As you can also imagine, I was ecstatic when I found out I was cast as Athena. Because I had watched the series growing up, seeing all the movie set design, wardrobe, and stunt choreography come together while filming was the most amazing experience.

YEM: Does your character have any cool stunts in the movie?

Ciara: Stunt training was one of my favorite parts of my whole experience filming Kim Possible. Sadie and I flew out to Vancouver, Canada (where we filmed) a month before we shot anything primarily for stunt training. I learned hand to hand combat, kicks, shoulder rolls, flips on harnesses and Bo Staff (Athena’s specialty in the movie and my personal favorite.) There was an amazing team of stunt choreographers, doubles, and coordinators that were crucial in bringing the iconic Kim Possible fight scenes to life.

KIM POSSIBLE – The live-action “Kim Possible” Disney Channel Original Movie stars Ciara Wilson as Athena. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)

YEM: What Disney Channel show was your favorite growing up?

Ciara: Other than Kim Possible of course, my favorite Disney Channel shows growing up were Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana. There seems to be a common theme of leading ladies and girl power as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus starred in these shows. We love a female icon!

YEM: Do you have a favorite Kim Possible villian?

Ciara: Shego is definitely my favorite Kim Possible villain. Shego is ruthless, sassy, whip-smart, and fiercely unapologetic. Taylor Ortega brings Shego to life in the live action movie. And there is no one who could play this iconic character better. Taylor is a fierce leader and an incredibly talented actress who I look up to in my own life. However, my favorite dynamic between two characters in the movie is Shego and Drakken. They add this element of comedy within their villainous schemes that is so unique to the story of Kim Possible. I know fans will fall in love with the villains just as much as the heroes in this movie!

The cast of Disney Channel’s Kim Possible.” (Disney Channel/Eike Schroter)

YEM: I’ve seen that you and the cast got very close while filming! So what was it like to film the movie?

Ciara: Filming Kim Possible was the best experience of my life! I got to spend three months exploring the beautiful Vancouver, Canada, with my best friends while we all got to bring to life the incredible story of Kim Possible. Athena becomes fast friends with Kim and Ron in the movie. And I did just that with Sadie and Sean in real life. We spent every moment on set and and not on set together, giggling endlessly, watching movies, and having deep talks. I know I’ve found lifelong friends in them and I know our real life dynamic will show on screen too.

YEM: Finally, what character are you most like: Kim, Ron or Athena?

Ciara: I think I am most like my character Athena! I am goof-ball, very passionate, and fiercely loyal to my best friends, Sean and Sadie, just like Athena is to Kim and Ron.

Kim Possible premieres on Disney Channel this Friday!