Interview: The Unicorn star Makenzie Moss

Makenzie Moss has had quite a year. At just 13 years old, Makenzie currently stars in the hit CBS show “The Unicorn.” The show was named the highest-rated and most watched new comedy series of the 2019 fall TV season. Makenzie plays Natalie, a teenager trying to cope with the loss of her mother while her dad tries to re-enter the dating world. YEM spoke with Makenzie about what it’s like to be on “The Unicorn.”

Photo credit:  Rowan Daly.  Hair/Makeup: Harper

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get into acting? 

Makenzie Moss: My Dad is a writer/director and my Mom was an actress but that is not the reason I started acting. They actually never considered putting me into acting classes or getting me involved in the business.  Just for fun, when I was about 4, my Dad put my sister and I in a music video type end credit sequence in one of his movies.  It was at that time my sister and I expressed interest in acting.  They eventually got us an agent and just like that I started to work. My first job being a Motts for Tots commercial

YEM: You’re currently starring in the new CBS show “The Unicorn.” Is this your first starring role? Tell us what it’s like to be a part of the show.

Makenzie: I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in film since I was about 7 years old. Most of the movies I have done were about 1 month commitment at a time and never shot in Los Angeles.  So this is the first Television Series I have done and I get to work in my hometown!  We have now been filming the Unicorn for about 5 months.  Not only has it been a dream come true but this cast and crew is so kind, fun and talented.  I laugh all day long and really feel like I have grown from this experience working with such amazing actors.  Not to mention shooting at Paramount Studios is pretty epic too… they have amazing Impossible burgers at the commissary.

YEM: You play Natalie on “The Unicorn.” What is your character like? 

Makenzie: Natalie’s hilarious.  I really enjoy playing her. She’s smart, sassy, bold, opinionated with a little bit of a chip on her shoulder because her mother recently passed away.  She’s really into sports too. I enjoy them it’s just that I am just more of a dancer type of gal.

YEM: Are there any similarities between you and your character Natalie?

Makenzie: Yes, I mostly have the same sense of humor as Natalie and have the same lovingness towards my family with a little sassiness on the side.

YEM: So do you have any strategies to help you get into character?

Makenzie: For me it’s mostly about figuring out where Natalie is coming from in that moment.  Once I focus in on that, I’m locked into the character.

YEM: “The Unicorn” is currently airing its first season on CBS. What can fans expect from your character throughout the rest of this season?

Makenzie: I think you will see Natalie softening up a little bit especially when it comes to the idea of her Dad dating.  Also, not to spolier alert it, but there’s a little switch in my sports preference.

Photo credit:  Rowan Daly.  Hair/Makeup: Harper