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This is the place to be to check out the latest interviews with your favorite young adult actors, musicians, vloggers, bloggers, writers and more. They’re the tweens, teens, and young adults starring in the best teen shows you can’t get enough of, the good TV shows that keep you laughing, the vampire TV shows that keep you up at night and the teen dramas behind your tears and fast heartbeats. We’re looking at you Pretty Little Liars. What’s it really like on set? How did these awesome young adults get their big break? We’ll find out and maybe even get a spoiler alert or two!

We’ll also interview the stars of summer blockbusters, romantic comedies and more! We’ll feature the young adult books turned into movies you are psyched to see and can’t wait to talk to all of your best friends about. Ever want to know how those action adventure scenes actually went down? We have you covered!

We’ve also got interviews with the young musicians singing killer songs you play over and over again and sing at the top of your lungs – with the windows down, of course. And if you’re not singing along to their songs yet, you will be soon! We’ve got the up and coming artists before they break. Get ahead of the game!

What about the Youtube channels you check in with every week? We’ll talk with popular vloggers from time to time too! How did they get their start? What inspires those rants getting millions of views? Find out now!

And don’t forget authors! Here we’ll also interview some the best authors in teen & young adult horror, fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction and more! We’ll get insight into their writing process and the inspiration behind all those angels, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and more. We’ll even get details on all the coming of age romance stories you love to fantasize about! Who are the best YA boyfriends on your mind? We’ve got them!

This is your one stop shop for the people you want to know more about with the questions you want answers to. Join the conversation!