Jack Fisher shares with YEM what it was like portraying young Joe in “YOU”

YOU is an American psychological thriller television series, and season 3 of the series premieres October 15th on Netflix. YEM had the opportunity to speak to Jack Fisher in an interview. Jack Fisher is a young actor who will be making an appearance in YOU in its third season. Jack is portraying the character of young Joe Goldberg. Joe is the main protagonist of the television series and is portrayed by Penn Badgley. 

Jack spoke a lot about the character of young Joe during the interview stating “The difference between young Joe and older Joe is that young Joe is very vulnerable, and upset with a bit of sweetness in him. Older Joe is angry and has heightened emotions of what young Joe is, very angry, very sad, very psycho, all things young Joe is but more pushed.” When asked to describe the difference between the two of them.

When asked about the most challenging part of playing the part of young Joe he responded “When you are acting in sad scenes you know its acting but I also felt like this is really happening to kids all around the world and it makes you feel sad. But I just had to tell myself that it’s acting and you just have to do it.”

During the interview a lot more is revealed about Jack and his love of acting.  Jack was able to speak about what inspired him to become an actor, how he got involved in the series YOU, and what it was like working on the set of YOU. Check out the interview to see more of what Jack has to say about his experience being a part of YOU.

Make sure to watch season 3 of YOU and catch Jack in YOU when it premieres on Netflix on October 15th.