Jackson Dollinger is living in the 90s on Sydney to the Max

Disney Channel fans know Sydney to the Max. The unique show revolves around Sydney and her father Max. As Sydney is growing up and tackling her teenage years, the show flashes back to the 90s when her father was growing up as well. Sydney to the Max shows how no matter who you are and no matter when you grew up, everyone can relate to a classic coming of age story. Sydney to the Max features a group of talented young actors. One of them being Jackson Dollinger, who plays Young Max in flashback scenes. YEM spoke with Jackson about the show and what fans can expect in the newest season of Sydney to the Max.

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you begin acting?

Jackson Dollinger: I started acting because of a friend. He was regularly auditioning and I asked my parents if I could try out acting as well. I got an agent and my first audition was for a Nissan commercial and I ended up booking it. Several commercials later, I told my mom and dad that I wanted to try my hand at theatrical roles. I did some guest star roles and voiced a recurring character on Disney’s animated series, Puppy Dog Pals. Then I booked the series regular role of Young Max on Disney Channel’s, Sydney to the Max. I was so excited!! We shot the pilot, the series was picked up, and the rest is history.

YEM: You play Young Max on Sydney To The Max. What is it like to play a character who lives in the 90s?

Jackson: It is super fun and interesting. It’s definitely been a wild ride and a learning curve. For example, I had no clue how to use a pay phone. The director had to show me how to use it for a scene. The 90s clothes are iconic and it’s a blast to get to relive the trends of the 90s. I absolutely love it.

YEM: How familiar were you with the 1990s before the show began?

Jackson: I hardly knew anything about the 90s when I was cast in the role of Young Max. The awesome thing about being in a different time period on the show is that the props often spark many conversations with my parents about what life was like in the 90s. I really enjoy hearing all the nostalgic stories.

(Disney Channel/Ed Herrera)

YEM: What is it like to see someone play an adult version of you on the show?

Jackson: It is very cool. Even though we don’t get to hang out that much on set because we are in two different time periods, Ian Reed Kessler is great to work with and I learn a lot from him. There have been times when I have asked him for advice on how he would deliver a line and vice versa. Ian makes a great Adult Max!

YEM: Were you a fan of Disney Channel before joining the show? If so, did you have a favorite show on Disney Channel?

Jackson: Yes. I was a Disney Channel fan prior to booking the show. If I had to pick, I would say that Jessie was my favorite show at the time and Austin & Ally was a close second.

YEM: A new season of Sydney To The Max is on the way! What can fans expect from the new episodes?

Jackson: Fans can expect some hilarious moments but also some very heartfelt moments. Be prepared to laugh and maybe even cry. Season 2 is touching on some very important topics and I can’t wait to share that with the world. I think viewers will also get insight into Young Max’s childhood and how it shaped the parent he is in the present day.

YEM: What do you like to do when you’re not filming?

Jackson: When I am not on set, I love to skateboard, surf, play sports, travel and hangout with
family and friends.

The second season of Sydney to the Max is currently airing on Disney Channel!