Jakob Davies photoJakob Davies plays the pivotal role of Mia’s younger brother in If I Stay. It was nothing short of huge for this Young Adult actor to perform in such a big movie, and opposite star of the moment Chloe Grace Moretz no less. Here he shares with us more on that experience, along with some of his other passions.

Young Adult Mag: What was it like being a part of the new Young Adult movie If I Stay?
Jakob Davies: It makes me feel very proud. I wanted this role really bad and was super nervous in the auditions. On my last audition I met the Director RJ Cutler, who was really nice. He asked what sports I played and I told him football. He then asked me “What do you like better football or acting? “ I answered “Um…. Acting?” He then said “What if your football coach asks you the same question?” I answered “Ahh…. Football?” We both laughed and I got the job!

YA: Talk to us about your character in the film. How are you similar to him, and how is he different?
JD: Teddy is the younger sibling and I am the older sibling in my family. He is a great kid who really looks up to his sister and thinks her boyfriend Adam is the best person in the world! I think I am a lot like “Teddy” in real life and would love to hang out with him.

YA: What was it like working with Chloe Grace Moretz? Does she make a great on-screen big sister?
JD: It was great to work with Chloe, I got to meet some of her family and they are all very kind. She played a great big sister. She is the youngest in her family and understands having older siblings.

YA: Any fun stories to happen off camera while on set?

JD: One of my Favorite movies is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I had re-watched it before we started filming If I Stay. It was at night and pretty cold, so a bunch of us were in a tent with heaters waiting to film. It was pretty dark and we were kind of squished together. I could hear a voice that sounded just like “Cameron” a main character in Ferris Bueller. I turned to look at the man and it was Alan Ruck, the actor who played “Cameron”. He is married to my If I Stay mom Mirelle Enos in real life! I was totally starstruck!

YA: What has been the best acting or professional advice you’ve received?
JD: I guess it would be to do more than just act. Play sports, do activities, go to school and spend time with your friends. Trying new things and meeting all kinds of people will help you play and understand the different roles and characters.

YA: If you had to pick only one of these word to describe yourself, which would it be and why: ACTOR or KID?
JD: Can I be a KID who likes to ACT?

YA: Who are you excited to work with next?
JD: I would like to work with Will Ferrell. I just saw him in the Lego Movie and Everything was Awesome 😉

YA: If you could play any role from any film or TV show in history, who would it be and why?
JD: I would have loved to play Ferris Bueller from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. His character knew how to have fun and could talk his way out of anything!