Jaren Lewison Of Never Have I Ever Plays Never Have I Ever

The highly successful coming-of-age comedy Never Have I Ever began its second season on July 15. Young Entertainment Magazine caught up with Jaren Lewison, who plays Ben in the series. Ben is the arch-nemesis of Devi, and after an explosive Season 1 finale and epic kiss, Ben has quickly evolved into something more. Some of his personal life echoes his character, while other areas remain different. As our interview with Jaren wrapped, YEM played the “Never Have I Ever” game at the end, where he disclosed some secrets. 

For those unfamiliar with the game Never Have I Ever, the interviewer asks a question, and the person simply has to reply that they “Have” or “Never Have” depending on the question. The game is fast paced and fun. YEM asked Jaren a variety of questions ranging from Pixar movies, quarantine television favorites, sports, speeding tickets, and much more.

 In our interview with Jaren, he spilled some secrets about what to expect this season on Never Have I Ever. Jaren discussed the Ben vs. Paxton love triangle with Devi, his over-achieving status, what’s next for his character, and the fandom from the show’s success. He promises that the show’s next season will have “evidence” for both Ben and Paxton, the two men looking to win Devi’s heart. 

Another important concept talked about with Jaren in our interview had been representation. This is so needed on television today. He is thrilled to be playing a small part in changing the way viewers see culture and representation. Jaren credits a lot of his authenticity and believability to Mindy Kaling, the series co-creator. He spoke highly of Kaling, who he believes makes him not only a better actor, but an all-around better person.

You can catch Jaren Lewison and the rest of the cast on Never Have I Ever on Netflix.