Jeopardy #GOAT dominated!

Any Jeopardy fans out there? The iconic game show is a staple of television. It’s one of those shows where even if you don’t watch it, you know what it is and how to play it. And, maybe you’ll even get caught up in the game when your older relatives have the show on in the background.

Some fans make the show part of their daily routine. And long time watchers were in for a treat last week. ABC hosted a primetime version of the game called “Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time.” (Or as Gen Z knows it, the #GOAT). The game brought back three of its greatest champions from the show’s history. First, Ken Jennings who won the most amount of games in a row. Second is Brad Rutter, who won the most amount of money on Jeopardy. And finally was James Holzhauer, who appeared most recently on the show. He rose to fame with his constant wins and big money bets that made him a game show legend. His record was that he won the most money in a single Jeopardy game.

The three contestants returned to Jeopardy to play the ultimate game. The first contestant to win three Jeopardy games was crowded the greatest Jeopardy player of all time. From the very beginning, the competition was riveting. The first round of the first game saw a contestant ring in for every answer, without a single person answering incorrectly. A perfect round: a rare, if not a never-before seen, feat.

Ken Jennings won the first game, however James Holzhauer won the second. And by the fourth game, it all came down to Final Jeopardy. Ken and James were neck-and-neck, with just two hundred dollars serpsrating them. In conclusion, Ken Jennings answered correctly and was named the #GOAT, the Greatest Jeopardy Player of All Time. The game was nothing like your typical game show round. It was thrilling and exciting until the very last seconds!

Fans of the show live-tweeted during the competition and it quickly became a top trend on Twitter. And they were on the edge of their seats! It’s interesting to see – most people think of Jeopardy as an “old person” show. It’s been on for years, and viewers now-a-days want drama and reality shows. But surprisingly, the #JeopardyGOAT competition saw a huge amount of younger viewers! According to, Jeopardy #GOAT won its time slot each night, gaining more viewers between the ages of 18-49 than any other shows those nights!

Fans on Twitter couldn’t contain their excitement. They rooted for their favorites, commented on answers, and gave praise to each of the contestants. Many of them said watching #JeopardyGOAT was one of the most exciting shows they’ve ever seen! And, this proves that younger generations like Millennials are interesting in academia. They enjoy watching shows that will challenge them and make them smarter!

So are you a game show fan? Plus did you watch Jeopardy #GOAT? Tell us in the comments!