Julia Lester is ready for Season 2 of High School Musical The Musical The Series

High School Musical The Musical The Series has quickly become one of the most popular shows on Disney+. The show is inspired by the iconic Disney Channel Movie, High School Musical. The series takes place at the high school where High School Musical was filmed. In fact, the show revolves around the drama club, where students are preforming their own version of High School Musical. But in high school, life is nothing like a musical, and drama can take over.

The cast includes Julia Lesler who plays Ashlyn Caswell. In season one, Ashlyn was cast as Mrs. Darbus, the drama teacher in High School Musical. Also, her character is known among fans for singing the hit song, Wondering. And this series is not Julia’s first time on the stage. YEM spoke with Julia about what led her to this role and what fans can expect in Season 2.

Young Entertainment Magazine: When you were auditioning, how much did you know know about the project? And how much was kept a secret from you during the audition process? Did you know it was going to be based on High School Musical?

Julia Lester: I actually knew exactly what it was going to be going in to it. It was originally called High School Musical: The Musical. There wasn’t any “The Series” after it. So from the title alone, I absolutely freaked out. Because it was iconic, and the fact that they were using it in the title was really exciting. So I did have the very first draft of the very first script. And it’s actually really funny to go back and re-read it because it’s completely different from what the show ended up being.

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