Julia Lester Talks About HSMTMTS Season 2, Plays a Fun Game of Superlatives, and More

The incredibly successful High School Musical: The Musical: The Series currently just wrapped its second season. Young Entertainment Magazine caught up with Julia Lester, who plays Ashlyn in the series. Julia spoke about tying up loose ends, her relationship with Big Red, friendship with Gina, Ashlyn’s big storylines, and more. 

In addition to our interview with Julia, we also got to play a Superlative Game, where Julia divulged who would be “Class Clown,” “Biggest Flirt,” “Most Athletic,” “Best Laugh,” and “Best Dressed,” among other silly superlatives.

In our interview with Julia, she spoke about the remaining episodes of HSMTMTS, where she revealed that the series will come together. There will be loose ends that will be tied up. She shares that the cast is so close and works incredibly hard to deliver a series that is driven on the acting, dancing, and singing. Every cast member has their own storyline, and Julia is thrilled knowing that Ashlyn has been receiving such positive feedback and more important storylines. 

Another important part of the interview that we discussed with Julia had been her relationships throughout the season. Two of Ashlyn’s most important figures in the series are Big Red, and Gina. Julia loves the relationship Ashlyn has with Big Red. She hopes that the two can remain in a happy and healthy relationship as the series continues to progress. She tells us about Larry and how fast they became friends; the two pretty much figured out that their characters would be embarking on a blossoming romance. 

In addition to her relationship with Big Red, Julia also shared that her friendship with Gina is also important. The two started out as mere acquaintances, and now she describes the two as beyond friends, and more so sisters. The two are roommates and are continuing to find out who they are in this big world. 

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