Juliette Lewis Joins YA Adaptation ‘Anthem’

Juliette Lewis has joined Anthem, a YA adaptation starring Giver star Cameron Monaghan and Bunk’d actress Peyton List.

The Sepia Films project, described as The Perks of Being a Wallflower meets American Beauty, is an adaptation of Joanne Proulx’s novel about Luke Hunter (Monaghan), who foresees the death of his new best friend, Stan, the most popular guy in school. When the premonition becomes reality, Luke is ostracized and labeled a freak, while at the same time he’s falling for Stan’s girl, Faith (List), and dealing with more premonitions.

Lewis will play Mary Hunter, an intuitive mother whose wisdom, grace and humor helps her teenage son navigate the unique challenges of his world. She also is at the forefront of the yoga movement in America in the ’90s and teaches Luke about the acceptance of his gifts and shows him how to turn his self-perceived weakness into his strength.