Keith L Williams talks Seth Rogen, Jacob Tremblay, and “Good Boys”

Proceed with caution young readers: “Good Boys” is wild ride. The movie is about three sixth-grade boys whose day of skipped school become an all-day odyssey of misadventures when their curiosity leads them from an awkward situation to some epically bad decisions. Breakout actor Keith L. Williams stars in the new movie as Lucas. And the movie is premiering coming to theaters this Friday. But you may recognize Keith from one of his many other projects such as The Last Man on Earth, Teachers and more. YEM spoke with Keith about the crazy new movie and what it was like to work on a Seth Rogen movie.

Young Entertainment Mag: So this movie is pretty wild! What was your reaction when you first read the script? 

Keith L. Williams:  My initial reaction was a collaboration of thoughts. A part of me was like -Wow, this is a lot! Then another part was so confused because I didn’t understand a lot of the intended jokes. Then that last part was tickled to death.

YEM: There’s quite a few stunts in the movie. What was the craziest stunt your character does? 

Keith: The craziest stunt my character, Lucas does in the film is when he is running away from my co-star’s character, Lily, and while looking back at her, Lucas’ bicycle trips and he flies into a moving truck. It was so wild! My character goes through a lot in the film. 

YEM: You play Lucas. What is he like? What is it like playing a character like Lucas

Keith: I would describe my character very much similar to myself. He’s sweet-natured, the voice of reason, kind of quirky, and definitely the comedian of the Good Boys. I enjoyed playing Lucas, especially because the writers and directors gave me the opportunity to explore and improvise in order to make the character my own.

YEM: The movie is about three best friends. How did you get to know your co-stars Jacob and Brady to create the bond that’s seen on screen? 

Keith:  Jacob, Brady and I, instantly clicked. The three of us gravitated towards one another at our first chemistry read and it was like we’d known each other since kindergarten. We also had a great deal of time getting to know each other better doing our rehearsals and filming. 

YEM: Before filming Good Boys, had you met Jacob Tremblay before?

Keith: This is the first and hopefully not the last time that I’ve worked with Jacob Tremblay! We both ironically worked on The Last Man on Earth-but at different times.

YEM: Seth Rogen produced this movie. What was it like meeting him? Were you a fan of his work before meeting him?

Keith: It was a dream come true to meet and work alongside Seth Rogen.  He’s a comedic genius. I first became a fan of Seth’s in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. His character Mantis has always been my favorite. 

YEM: Also, I have to ask, I’m a big fan of The Last Man on Earth. What do you think your character Jasper is up to now? 

Keith: Hopefully Jasper has been legally adopted by Tandy and Carol, and is helping them raise their twins.

YEM: Will Forte is also in “Good Boys”. Is he cool to work with? 

Keith: Will Forte is always fun to work with. He brings good vibes to set and I like to think that I’m his favorite co-star.

YEM:  So would you consider yourself on the quieter side like Jasper or on the wild side like Lucas?

Keith: I would definitely consider myself as being on the wild side like Lucas. It was almost as if the role was written for me, because I am him.

Good Boys hits theaters this Friday!