The Kissing Booth: A Comparison of the Characters

The Kissing Booth has turned into a highly popular film on Netflix despite not getting the best reviews from critics. Because it was highly-watched by audiences, the film just released its sequel on July 24th and is already scheduled to have a third film release sometime next year!     

The film series centers around a high schooler named Elle Evans (Joey King) who enters a romantic relationship with her best friend Lee’s (Joel Courtney) brother, Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi), after they share a kiss at a kissing booth. The film series depicts the effects of the relationship on both Noah and Elle’s life, as well as the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance romance once Noah heads off to college. 

The Kissing Booth 2

Nevertheless, the three main characters, Elle, Lee, and Noah, have notably changed from the first film to the second film. Let’s look at those differences:

Elle Evans

In the first film, Elle was pining after Noah, as he was her crush. As she enters the dating scene, she gets unintentionally ghosted by a jock named Tuppen. As the film progresses, Elle and Noah develop a romantic relationship after their moment at the kissing booth, but she is very new to the concept of relationships and romance. She must keep her romance with Noah in the shadows so Lee doesn’t find out. Elle is certainly more immature in this film, considering she heads to a party and embarrasses herself in one part.

In the second film, the maturity of Elle is evident. She is in a committed relationship with Noah, who is across the country at Harvard. There is no more running around behind Lee’s back with Noah. Instead, Elle faces tough decisions about her future like where to apply for college. This includes trying to get into University of California-Berkeley with Lee, along with Harvard, where Noah attends. She must focus on doing what’s best for her future.

Noah Flynn

In the first film, Noah is a stereotypical bad boy. He is getting in fights with characters like Tuppen and Warren, drives a motorcycle, is super aggressive, a troublemaker, has long hair, and can be seen wearing a black leather jacket. He is also a player.

In the second film, viewers see the complete opposite, and Noah is the character that changes the most from the first to second film. He is a lovey-dovey Noah and not a bad boy, but soft-spoken, caring, and concerned about Elle’s well-being.

The Kissing Booth 2

He is more responsible even though he is across the country in Boston. This shows as he is invested in his relationship with Elle and always tries to call her. He wants to be with her all the time. He evens clean up his hair and gets a nice haircut while wearing stylish shirts and sweaters. Notably, he doesn’t cheat on Elle despite the presence of a sophisticated and beautiful college friend named Chloe. 

Lee Flynn

In the first film, Lee is shown as dorky and can’t get into fights. He unintentionally lets Noah take care of them at the beginning of the film in a scene where he can’t even take on Tuppen, but Noah does. Lee is also not okay with Elle and Noah’s relationship because of his friendship pact with Elle. He is notably more upset in witnessing Elle and Noah having romantic interest in each other.

In the second film, Lee matures. He is happy with Noah and Elle’s relationship and deals with his own romantic relationship turbulence because he needs to be more committed to his girlfriend, Rachel. Lee realizes his girlfriend doesn’t want Elle interfering in their relationship, and he needs to find his priorities and set aside time to spend one-on-one with Rachel, which is the responsible thing to do. In addition, Lee also must decide about his future and getting into college. 

Which Kissing Booth character is your favorite and what are you most looking forward to in The Kissing Booth 3?

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