Landon Gordon talks time traveling on Disney Channel’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Landon Gordon stars in Disney Channel’s first-time travel mystery series Secrets of Sulphur Springs. The new series is premiering this Friday! Landon Gordon plays Wyatt who has an older brother named Griffin and a fraternal twin, Zoey. The show revolves around a teen and his friend discovering a secret portal that allows them to travel back in time. Through the portal, they uncover clues about a mystery involving a girl who disappeared decades ago from a Louisiana town. YEM spoke with Landon Gordon about the new show and what it’s like to uncover secrets on Secrets of Sulphur Springs.

 Young Entertainment Mag: What was the audition process like for Secrets of Sulphur Springs?

Landon Gordon: When I first got the script, I had this strong feeling that this role was meant for me. I was really into Stranger Things at the time and this show had a similar feel. I love all things spooky and mysterious. The first step was a self-tape. We sent it in and a couple of weeks passed before we heard anything.

My first in-person audition was with Hart / La Padura casting. I remember doing my scenes and Ms. Hart said, “that was great, don’t change a thing!” The next step was a producer’s session at the Disney Channel building. This was funny because I did my audition and then we left. We got to the car and my manager called and said, “Did you leave? They want you to come back, go back!” I went back and read for the part a few more times with other actors playing Zoey. The last step was a screen test and the rest is history!

YEM: How does Wyatt relate to his siblings Griffin and Zoey? Do they band together to help solve mystery? What’s it like to be a part of the Disney Channel series?

Landon: Wyatt and Zoey are not just twins, they are best friends. They do everything together. Griffin is their older brother and he is off with Harper most of the time. Whenever Griffin is home, Wyatt and Zoey are really excited to see him. They always want to share with him what mysteries they have solved, or think they have solved! It is so fun to be part of this series. It’s exciting to be a part of something that is a little different for Disney Channel. And, as I said before, spooky mysteries are my favorite kinds of shows and movies to watch so being a part of a show like this is a dream come true.

YEM: Who is your character Wyatt and how do you relate to him?

Landon: Wyatt is the prankster goofball of the family. He is always up for an adventure, even if he gets a little scared sometimes! It is easy for me to relate to Wyatt because we are so much alike in real life. Most of the lines Wyatt says, I would actually say. It makes it pretty easy to get into the role.

YEM: What are Wyatt’s thoughts on moving to an abandoned hotel? Is he afraid of anything that might be lurking?

Landon: Wyatt is cool with the change. He doesn’t seem to miss Chicago. The hotel is big and exciting and has plenty of places to explore. Wyatt definitely has moments when he is afraid of some of the spooky things that happen. But, he also loves a good mystery so even when he is afraid, he is still really brave.

YEM: There’s a time-traveling element to Secrets of Sulphur Springs. If you could travel through time where would you go and why? 

Landon: I would travel to the 1980s. I love 80’s movies and music and think it would have been a fun time to be a kid. Plus, it would be cool to see what my parents were like at my age. 

YEM: So, how does time travel work in Secrets of Sulphur Springs?

Landon: There is a portal that takes you to a different time, but I’m not sure how it works. Those secrets are yet to be revealed.

YEM: Were there any acting challenges that you had to overcome, what was it and how did you overcome it? 

Landon: Acting has come pretty easy to me. I try to be as natural as possible and become the character I am playing. I try not to just say my lines but feel my lines.

YEM: What’s something funny that happened off camera?

Landon: We were on location in an oak tree forest and these giant mosquitos showed up. Let’s just say I ended up with some bites in places where no mosquito should ever be!

YEM: Finally, how have you been keeping your craft alive during these hard times?

Landon: Right before everything was shut down, we had started filming Secrets of Sulphur Springs. I was away from home and very abruptly had to come home. It was a little bit of a shock and for a few weeks, I was bummed. But, then I realized how nice it was to take a break from everything. My family is pretty busy and for the first time ever we all slowed down. I didn’t worry too much about acting for a few months. I just enjoyed hanging out and playing with my brothers, parents, and my dog, River. Once we went back to work, I was so excited to get back into acting. It’s my favorite thing to do. I think taking the break was the best thing I could do for my craft.

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