Lea Michele Hits A High Note

On February 28th, Lea Michele’s debut solo album Louder was released by Columbia Records, and the verdict is a good one. The collection of tracks on this album surpass expectations; each song delves deep into the soul and Lea feels every single note to the fullest.

This singer-actress’s career started on the Broadway stage production of Spring Awakening back in 2006, and she reached stardom, of course, as Miss Rachel Berry on the hit musical dramedy, Glee.

While Lea is regularly seen belting show tunes and America’s Top 40 on Glee, this album shows a different and more personal side to the performer, delivering some of the best work of her career to date. It goes to show that it’s possible to get better with age. With the way she tackles these ballads, it’s almost like hearing a modern day Celine Dion. That said, perhaps Lea’s next album may have a duet with the superstar?

Our Favorites: Burn with You, Battlefield