Lessons from Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Part 1

Photo Credit: Forbes

The hilarious Netflix series Mr. Iglesias returned with its Season 2 on June 17th. It featured comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias continuing to teach his students different lessons (and course content) at Woodrow Wilson High School.

Only the first part of the new season released on the 17th, which was a total of six episodes. The remaining six episodes will be released at an unknown time, though hopefully this year. After those episodes air, it remains unclear whether there will be a Season 3 of the series.

Mr. Iglesias (the series) has been light-hearted and charming and fans of the show can only hope for more episodes. The show has also been filled with many lessons. Here are some of the bigger ones from the first half of Season 2:

It Takes Time to Figure Out What You Want to Do

This is relatable to many people. When going through high school and entering college, many students are expected to know what career path they want to do. In reality, it takes a lot of thinking and exploring interests before anyone can figure out their true passion.

This lesson was evident in the first episode when talking about careers and college. One of the best parts of the episode was the depiction of a Venn Diagram type circle that tried to predict where the students’ passion was.

Naturally, there will be moments where you question yourself on the career-related paths and endeavors you choose to pursue. Ultimately, you must follow your heart and go with your best judgment.

Loyalty is Powerful

One of Gabe’s students, Marisol, was passionate about Green Week. Green Week was meant to help take measures to be eco-friendlier.

As part of the loyalty to his students and encouragement that they should fight for what they believe in, Gabe almost gave up his cherished Volkswagen bus (which he loves very much) just so Marisol can lead them to win Green Week. That is what a true role model should do. In the end, Gabe luckily got to keep his bus after all.

Believe in Yourself

The students of Gabe’s class didn’t believe they could give an electric performance in the school play (Romeo & Juliet), but they went out and gave it their all instead. That’s more fulfilling and emphasizes trying your best no matter how unfamiliar something could be is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and expand your skills.