Liddy Clark on her single Nothing Like New York

Liddy Clark is a singer songwriter based out of L.A. She recently came out with the single “Nothing Like New York.” YEM was able to speak with Liddy about a lot including what it was like going to college and studying music at USC. She also spoke about what she has planned for the future, and some of her music inspirations.

During the interview Liddy was asked “where the inspiration for “Nothing Like New York” came from”. Liddy responded by saying “The inspiration for Nothing Like New York” came from the song title, which I put in my phone as a note, and I just had this feeling that it could be a really cool song title. There could be a really cool story behind that. One day I was assigned to write a song for another person in my song writing class at USC, and I decided that I was going to write that song title because it was something that I felt could really be super peppy and upbeat and really just something interesting. I wrote the story about somebody who moves to New York City with you, and is so excited to be there with you and loves you that much that they would move across the country for you. However you are not sure if you would not do the same thing for them and it makes you feel a little bit guilty because of that.”

Make sure to watch the full interview with Liddy below, it was full of great information about Liddy. Liddy was able to really speak a lot about her music and about her career as well as what she hopes for in the future. In the interview she gives a lot of good insight into what it takes to make music and speaks a lot about herself in general as well. Do not forget to listen to “Nothing Like New York.”

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