Love, Victor Review: Unanswered Questions


YEM’s “Love, Victor” Unanswered Questions:

Hulu’s “Love, Victor” did a great job trying to tie up its loose ends before ending the series this season. We saw most of the gang end up in relationships or at least with the promise of a new start. Now, after having a little time to reflect, here are a few unanswered questions we still have:

Do Felix and Pilar Get Back Together?

In Season 3, Felix and Pilar were inseparable for most of the season. However, when the Salazar parents intervened, it caused tension between them and led to their breakup. By the end of the series though, Felix was invited into the Salazar family photo by Pilar and the two looked to be back on good terms again. Could this have been the start of Felix and Pilar giving their romantic relationship a second chance? Or was this just a sign all was forgiven? While the show seems to lean towards the latter, it’s highly possible the two eventually get back together as well.

Who’s Relationship Has The Best Chance of Making It Long Term?

While there are no right or wrong answers here, it’s an interesting question to debate. Excluding the adults, Victor and Benji would be the obvious choice for most. However, if Benji were to relapse again, who’s to say that wouldn’t be the final straw to break them up for good? Lucy and Lake are seemingly looking toward a long-term relationship of their own. But what if Lucy feels stuck in her new living arrangement in Lucy’s Mom’s apartment and wants to move to Portland after all? Could the two survive a long-distance relationship? Speaking of long-distance relationships, there’s no question that Andrew will do anything to be with Mia for the long haul. However, with Mia living in California now and the two potentially going to different colleges coming up, it could be tough to make it work. Mia would likely be on the fast track to study at Stanford with her father now serving as the President of the University and Andrew would likely go to whichever school offers him the best basketball scholarship.

What Would a Potential “Love, Victor” Spin-Off Show Look Like?

While “Love, Victor” is already a spinoff of the film “Love, Simon,” there is still a chance some of the main characters from this series could come back to star in their own show, with potential cameos from other “Love, Victor” stars not out the question. That being said, there are currently no officially announced plans for this to occur. However, if it ever did, which characters would be the best ones to carry their own show? Due to the most built-in storyline potential, it seems Mia and Andrew may work best. With Mia now in California with her Dad Harold (played by actor Mekhi Phifer) and her stepmom Veronica (portrayed by former “One Tree Hill” star Sofia Bush), we could see Mia’s journey continue while she’s living on the West Coast. Andrew could be a big part of the series too (perhaps he gets a scholarship to play basketball for Stanford?) or he could even split from Mia and carry his own show. No matter what, let’s hope a spin-off show will hopefully come to fruition soon!