The Mandalorian Season 3 Breakdown

The Mandalorian, one of the most popular shows on TV is now returning for its third season on disney +! And no, The Book of Boba Fett did not count as season 3, if anything it was season 2.5 of Mandalorian. Nonetheless, the show has just released its second trailer and there are many things to unpack.

1. Mandalorians, Mandalorians, and… Mandalorians

The most significant thing we saw in the trailer was more Mandlorians; a diverse crowd of colors and tribes that will make the show true to its name. There are even some returning Mandalorians such as the armorer and Paz Vizla, but there are some new faces (or I should say helmets) in the crowd as well.

Din Djarin even mentions that he will be going to the planet of Mandalore “so that he may be forgiven for his transgressions” due to his removal of his helmet causing him to be kicked out of his tribe. The last time viewers saw the planet of Mandalore was in the clone wars series finale, so not only will this be a return but this will be the first time viewers get to see the planet in live action. The trailer shows off Mandalore as being in terrible shape, with aerial shots showing how destroyed the planet has become ever since the empire took over. Furthermore, with Din Djarin now the owner of the darksaber (meaning he’s the rightful ruler of Mandalore), it’s a wonder how he’ll be able to unite the remaining Mandalorians and fix the planet.

2. Returning Characters

Carl Weathers returns as Greef Karga in the trailer as he’s shown shaking hands with the Mandalorian. Greef Karga was last seen as the mayor of his town, but the town looks far sleeker and modernized than before. Cara Dune is nowhere to be seen during the trailer due to the actress being fired by disney for her controversial comments, there will likely be some story explanation for why the character will not return for the third season.

There’s the return of the Peli Moto, Amy Sedarris’ character as the mechanic who gifted Din Djarin his brand new spacecraft. As well as R5-D4, (the droid that malfunctioned on Luke

Skywaker in a new hope) who will be accompanying Mando in his new ship and joining him in some new adventures.

As for antagonists, Dr. Pershing was revealed during an ominous voiceover by Captain Terva about the dangers in the galaxy. Although Moff Gideon was absent in the trailer, Dr. Pershing signals that there is still a clear threat against Grogu and Mando.

3. More Grogu cuteness!

Grogu a.k.a Baby Yoda, has become such a popular star wars character that even someone who isn’t a star wars fan will be able to recognize them. Din Djarin and Grogu reunited during the Book of Boba Fett after their second season departure, and seem to be as close as ever in the third season trailer. Mando is hugging Grogu tightly while flying in their spaceship, while Grogu in the final scene of the trailer is seen using his force powers against an enemy. I’m sure viewers are dying to see what other abilities Grogu has picked up after his time with Luke.

4. Easter eggs galore!

As with any star wars property, there are a plethora of references that can be found throughout the Mandalorian trailer. There is another flashback sequence of Grogu being protected by Jedie during order 66, where we’ll get to see how Grogu survived the massacre.

There is a scene with a droid cantina, with B-1 battle droids from the clone wars sitting on the chairs. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen live action battle droids, and they still look immaculate.

Tie Fighters are seen chasing down Mando’s ship, demonstrating that the empire is still well and alive and still a danger to Mando. We’ll have to see if this season shows the development of how the empire turned in the first order.

And finally, during a battle between some Mandalorians and village marauders, we see a pair of Baba-fruks in the background! Disney is listening to the fans and have given one of the most popular characters (or at least the alien species) from Rise of Skywalker more screen time!

Well that about wraps all those things that can be seen in the trailer. There are still so many questions left for what’s to come. What is Dr. Parishing planning to do? Will Bo-Katan return and challenge Mando over the rule of Mandalore? Will Din Djarin redeem himself in the eyes of Mandalorians, or possibly create a new tribe of them? All these questions will surely be answered on March 1st, see ya then!