Matthew Fahey

Photographer: Deidhra Fahey
Stylist: Audrey Brianne
Matthew Fahey stars in the hit MTV show Awkward, as Ricky Schwartz.  He is now pursuing a career as a producer.  We had the opportunity to talk with him and discuss his new successful venture.
Matthew first got into acting when he was 13 years old.  His inspiration came from his brother, Josef, who was on Broadway. His production company “I-95 pictures”, came about as Matthew, his brother, and their two friends, Jordan and Dewar, worked together on the east coast, and in order to get there, one has to take the interstate road I-95.


They’re happy to take what they can get, and right now they have two productions that they are working on, with a third on the way. The web series, “Never Fade Away”, which was pitched to him as another “It’s a Wonderful Life”, is their main production.  With two episodes already aired, Matthew will make his debut in the third.
If you’re interested in seeing him this month, he stars in the upcoming film “The First Time”, which Matthew says is “a wonderful film, a cult film for High School or College or younger kids”.  Also, check out “Excision,” starring 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord, now out on DVD.  Season Two of Awkward is also now out on DVD.

We asked Matthew what he’s reading and he told us A**holes Finish First  by Tucker Max.