Meet Tucker Meek of the movie “Little”

Tucker Meek is the break out star of the film “Little” starring Issa Rae, Regina Hall and Justin Hartley. Tucker plays ‘Devon’ a geeky schoolmate to ‘Jordan,’ a successful CEO who is suddenly transformed into her 13-year-old self. Much like his character, Tucker describes himself as a “classic nerd,” but says he always “tries to find the glass half full in every situation.” YEM spoke with Tucker about his acting an being a part of the star-studded movie “Little.”

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in acting?
Tucker Meek: I was always the kid who memorized commercials and lines in movies. I used to make up my own commercials about my toys or what I was eating for dinner. When I was five, a friend asked me to be in a commercial and I loved everything about being on set. I remember getting home and realizing the kids on TV were working on set just like I did. All of a sudden, the process of how a kid filmed on a set began to make sense to me and I asked my parents what I needed to do to be on TV. So I started taking acting classes and met my agents at a showcase. I have also always been obsessed with animation. As a toddler, I loved Disney/Pixar films and the show Phineas and Ferb. I enjoy voiceover work because I get to improv and create character voices in a booth and no one knows it’s me! I’ll probably always be the guy that quotes lines from his favorite movies.
YEM: You’re in the new movie, Little. Can you tell us about the movie?
Tucker: Little is directed by Tina Gordon and produced by Will Packer. It’s the story of a “Boss Lady” who is not very nice to her employees. When she wakes up as a 13-year-old, she has to go back to middle school and learn the importance of the Golden Rule – Treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s really a funny movie! But, it also teaches some powerful messages such as the value of friendship, having compassion, getting second chances, and being brave enough to believe in yourself.
YEM: Tell us about your character, Devon.
Tucker: Devon is an optimistic super-nerd! He excels academically, but his social skills could use some work. Let’s just say he is not exactly part of the “cool crowd.” Even though he ranks pretty low in popularity, he’s still very confident. He is the kind of kid that doesn’t get caught up with trying to fit in. He’s also hopeful the nerd squad can show the other kids in the school that you don’t have to change who you are to be cool.
YEM: Do you have anything in common with your character?
Tucker: Devon and I have a lot in common! I guess I am a little nerdy and quirky myself. I’m also a glass-half-full kind of guy. Devon is proud of who he is and isn’t influenced by peer pressure. I believe it’s important to be yourself and claim your quirkiness, even if that means you’re not cool. So I would say we are similar in many ways.
In the movie, Young Jordan and the nerd squad get bullied for being smart. I feel fortunate not to have been bullied myself, but it is something I am passionate about stopping.

Photographer: Brandon Showers

YEM: What was it like to work with Regina Hall, Issa Rae, and Marsai?
Tucker: I was very fortunate to share scenes with Regina, Issa and Marsai. They were hilarious!. Watching Issa Rae, Regina, and Marsai work was like taking a master class in comedy. Their timing was amazing! We had to be careful to hear “cut” before cracking up after many of the scenes.  Their personalities definitely added a lot of humor to our time on set.
Occasionally, we would film multiple endings to scenes where Issa and Marsai would ad-lib some of their lines- which were always funny. I can’t wait to see how many of their ad-libs make the final cut. I also think it’s amazing that Marsai is the youngest Executive Producer in Hollywoodand she is one of the most down to earth actors I have ever met. We had a lot of fun having Uno and Mario Kart tournaments between scenes.
YEM: What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do when you’re not acting?
Tucker: When I am not acting or in school, I am usually playing video games, hanging out with my friends, attending my church’s Youth Group events or reading a good book.  My interests also include collecting weird socks, playing retro video games, and reading old comic strips. I also really love creating character voices and special effect vocalizations for animation.