Melissa Carcache might be new to the scene, but she feels right at home on the fun new YA supernatural series Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon. In an inspiring twist, Melissa spearheaded the decision to premiere Season 2 of the series at Miami Children’s Hospital, as an original and fun way to give back to the community. She discussed that and more when she sat down with us recently.


melissa-carcacheYOUNG ADULT: What has it been like starring in the new Nickelodeon show Every Witch Way?

MELISSA CARCACHE: It’s been an amazing experience! The cast and crew are so great to work with. We have so much fun on set! My favorite part is working with all the animals, especially the monkey in Season 1 when my character Lily gets turned into a monkey! We had one of those cute little monkeys on set but unfortunately I didn’t get to play or take pictures with him because he actually thought I was a real monkey and didn’t want to be near me lol. The trainer then decided it was best I didn’t try to interact with him for my safety—I was so bummed :o(


YA: Talk to us about your character on the show, Lily. How are you similar to her, and how is she different?

MC: Lily is Emma’s witch guardian and the school nurse. In Season 1, Lily teaches Emma how to use her powers and protects her from anyone who might want to steal them, which is why she is also the school nurse. But along the way Lily gets herself into some sticky situations, like getting turned into a monkey and a frog and trying her best to guide Emma. In Season 2 Lily is more experienced at being a guardian, and Emma is getting somewhat better at her spells, lol. Lily is then recruited by the witches’ council and has left Emma in the hands of Desdemona, which Lily soon learns maybe that was not the right decision. 

A lot of Lily’s quirky funny moments are definitely parts of her that I relate to—she’s smart and gives 100 percent of herself to being the best guardian to Emma and I do the same in every job I do. We are different in a few ways and one of them is in Season 2, she leaves Emma to join the council without really thinking It over. If it were me, I wouldn’t just leave Emma behind. I’m an older sister to a little brother and sister so it wouldn’t be easy for me to make such a big decision like leaving someone when they need me.  


YA: You recently presented a premiere of the show to hospitalized children in Miami. What was that experience like?

MC: It was a truly great experience! My family and I always give back to Miami Children’s Hospital. They did so much for my brother who was very ill when he was younger and have helped so many children throughout the years. When Haiti had their massive earthquake in 2010, a lot of the injured Haitian children were being transported to MCH for medical care, and my sister Viva who is a recording artist decided to create a concert called “Music for Life” to raise over $30,000 dollars for those children. So naturally I wanted to give back in some way too, and I felt premiering Season 2 at the hospital was a special way to involve the children and make them a part the magic we get to create in Every Witch Way. I loved hearing about their dreams and aspirations and just about their favorite things. It was nice to see them glowing and happy, not thinking about the pain they are feeling. It was a humbling and wonderful experience and I can’t wait to visit again soon!   


YA: If you could have any magic power in real life, what would it be and why?

MC: I would love to be able to teleport to any place, time and year. I am a very curious and creative person by nature so I have always been interested in other cultures; countries and the way people lived back then. I feel like I can always learn something new if I can experience and talk to people from all walks of life.


YA: What has been the best acting or professional advice you’ve received?

MC: To never give up. It’s been said over and over again and I never really grasped the message until I dove head first into my career as an actress. I was born with a passion and a dream to touch lives and connect with people all over the world though acting. I am not a “I was discovered in a mall” story. I am a fighting to the death story. Sometimes things seem a certain way from an outsider’s perspective but they never get to see the struggle, sacrifices and pain it took that person to get to where they are today. My message to anyone who wants to pursue any business, not just entertainment, is to embrace the journey. It’s what prepares you for what you’re about to receive so once you succeed you are able to handle it and be the best you can be.


YA: If you could play any role from any film or TV show in history, who would it be and why?  

MC: I would love to play Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was a character I studied and practiced when I was a little girl. I’ve secretly always wanted to be a Disney princess but then again who hasn’t?! I also love drama and one of my favorite characters I also used to practice when I was younger was Lisa as played by Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted. I used to study that movie and the charters thoroughly. It was a great acting class for me growing up.  


YA: What would you say is your favorite YA story, book or film?

MC: The Notebook! It’s a beautiful love story and I absolutely love the era that it’s based in. Everything about the book and movie just makes so happy! I just love LOVE :o)


Thank you so much for putting these great questions together and I hope to chat again in the future!

Xo Melissa