Love, Victor Review: Mia


The final season of Love, Victor is finally here and YEM has you covered with recaps, analysis, and so much more! Instead of going over each episode one by one, we’re going to do something a lot more special – navigate the journeys of each main character of Love, Victor over the course of the entire season in 6 articles! You’ll get the breakdown of Victor, Mia, Felix, Lake, Rahim, and Benji – each with their own article dedicated to them covering the highlights of Season 3. Don’t worry Pilar, Lucy, Andrew, and Nick fans, there will be plenty of discussion about them too! As an added bonus, YEM will also cover the best quotes, favorite Season 3 songs, and discuss any unanswered questions the series may still have now that it’s coming to an end in separate articles. YEM is your one-stop site for all things Love, Victor!

Today’s character is…


A Disappointing Result

The season starts immediately after Mia’s Dad Harold and Veronica’s wedding. Mia left the wedding with Andrew determined to find her Mom after finding out her father took the job in Palo Alto, even though he told her he didn’t. Mia hopes her Mom will let her stay with her instead of having to move and the two will then be able re-connect. Despite not seeing each other for five years, the two initially get along great. In fact, their conversation is even kind of sweet. Mia’s Mom talks about how she’s followed what Mia has been up to through the Internet and that she’d do anything for her daughter. However, when Mia asks to live with her, Mia’s Mom explains she has already taken a new job at a gallery in Europe and will be living out of the country for the foreseeable future. It’s both weird and sad Mia’s Mom is in town and literally made no effort to contact her daughter. Mia had to track her down herself. Then her Mom says she would do “anything” for Mia but immediately disappoints her. Mia doesn’t seem surprised by the outcome, but definitely rejected! It’s good that Mia gets to see her Mom though because she’s talked about her in the previous seasons despite never appearing together on screen. However, no real closure is given in this story. That being said, this incident helps Mia realize what a good father she truly has, breaking down in tears in her father’s arms when she gets back home.

Mia’s Party

Mia starts coming to terms with the idea she will have to move, so she decides to throw a big party at her house and invites many students from Creekwood High. The event serves as a “goodbye party” to Mia (although it’s unclear how many people know this is what the party is) as she’s convinced she’s leaving Atlanta. The next morning, Harold finds out a party had been thrown at his home and apparently takes it in stride. To let Mia stay in Atlanta, Harold went as far as asking the current Stanford University President to stay on one more year so his daughter could finish high school in Georgia. However, the current President wants to retire and therefore Harold must move to Palo Alto, California as soon as possible if he plans on taking the job. Mia’s stepmom Veronica is also pregnant (it’s a boy) which likely adds to Mia’s confusion about moving.

Mia and Lake

Harold works out an agreement with Lake’s Mom to have Mia move into her best friend Lake’s house for the upcoming year so Mia doesn’t have to move. Mia and Lake have been close for years, but now that Lake is dating another girl, Mia feels she’s not as close to Lake as before. That later proves not to be the case as Lake still looks to Mia for important advice with her girlfriend Lucy. Lake and her Mom are not close, so Mia becomes the defacto daughter on a shopping trip with Lake’s Mom. Mia enjoys feeling what it’s like to have a Mom around again, even if it’s not her own. Seems like both Mia and Lake’s Mom really need this time together as they are both filling a void.

Mia and Andrew

Mia’s dating Andrew. Andrew is clearly in love with her, but she doesn’t appear to feel as strongly about Andrew as he does for her. Andrew seems to always be there for Mia – when Mia visited her Mom, when Lake becomes a little distant, when the video call of Mia’s half-brother’s birth drops, and when Mia goes to California to visit her new brother. Andrew goes to California alongside Mia at a detriment to himself because he misses playing in a high school basketball game that college recruiters are at. Mia has no idea Andrew’s missing an important game to be there with her. After overhearing Andrew’s call with his coach, Harold talks with Andrew about how Mia would not want Andrew to be making these sacrifices for her, especially if they potentially impact his future. Andrew’s response? “Mia is my future, everything else comes second.”

Change of Plans

Unfortunately for Andrew, the trip to California gives Mia second thoughts about moving over there and she decides to leave Atlanta behind. Mia’s now had additional time to connect with her stepmom and has fallen in love with her new half-brother (who it seems Harold and Veronica are having a tough time naming). Because of her plans to move, Mia breaks up with Andrew since she doesn’t want to go through a long-distance relationship. However, when Victor gives his speech about bravery, this prompts Mia to get back together with Andrew, and the couple vow to make their long-distance relationship work!

Goodbye Mia

It’s also clear Mia is still figuring things out in her life – she’d previously dated a still in-the-closet Victor and it’s even revealed toward the end of the series that Mia and Lake had practiced kissing one another, years earlier, seemingly before either one of them dated anyone else and they’d vowed never to tell anyone. Mia: “We were supposed to take that to the grave!” However, it also shows that Mia and Lake have trusted one another for a long time and their friendship goes back many years. They’ve always been there for each other and will clearly continue to do so, even from afar. Finally, at the Winter Carnival, Mia says one final goodbye to Victor and her friends in a bittersweet moment.