Movies That Deal with Serious Teenage Issues

All of us know how it is to be a teenager. Each of us has gone through puberty. Everyone faced different problems and looked for their own way to cope with them. We bet, at that time every teenager gives himself a promise that he would be a great parent to his own children and will support them now matter what. 

Teenagers are a special group of people – they seem grown up but they are still little kids at heart. Their desire to seem adult and the lack of life experience does not let them fully control their actions. This is why sometimes they make fatal mistakes.

No, it is not easy to talk to modern teens about the problems they face, sexual education, possible consequences of wrong decision, etc. But it must be done. It is important. 

However, when we become parents we forget about that and we are puzzled. How to guess what kind of problem your kid may face nowadays? How to approach your teen kid to help them? Movies about troubled youth can be a good way to deal with this problem.  

Why is a movie a good way to help your kid? Such movies teach us lessons and let us remember ourselves at that age. And it’s great if you decide to watch one of those. However, almost every movie for teenagers would have age restriction and sometimes even be forbidden in some countries. In this case, you should use VPN to unblock websites and get access to the desired movie. The most popular platforms are Netflix, Hulu and some others. These websites have strict policies. This is why you may find your target movie unavailable in your region, for example. You won’t have to go search for it anywhere else. Simply use a website unblocker, for instance, VeePN.  It will help you watch the movie you want without problem. 

What is the Best Movie for a Teenager?

No one can really name one best movie for teenagers. There are plenty of them. And many of them are really good. All those movies were created with the intention to help. We have prepared a list of top 5 movies that will help you understand your teenage kids better and avoid difficult situations. Here we go: 

1. Cyberbully

The plot of this movie is now as relevant as ever. The movie presents the story of Taylor Hillridge, a teenager who got a laptop as a birthday gift. It was her dream, but it brought her big problems. After she created an account in social networks the problems started. The movie shows all the internet insecurities in a very good way. 

2. Speak

The main character – teen girl Melinda – once popular, became isolated and lonely because during one of the parties, she called the police. Certainly, everyone was angry and upset with her, and didn’t want to connect with her afterward. But nobody knows the reason why she did that. She kept her secret of being abused until she found her salvation – art. 

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This movie expresses all the aspects of teenage life – friendship, school, first love, trust, betrayal, etc. A quiet 15-year old Charlie feels alone and unneeded. He starts writing letters to a boy he doesn’t know personally. And these letters turn his life upside down. 

4. Mom at Sixteen. 

This is a story of Jacey, a 16-year old girl who falls pregnant to her boyfriend. The movie raises issues of unsafe sex and early pregnancy. You will see how everything changes in Jacey’s life because of the new circumstances. 

5. The Basketball Diaries. 

This is probably one of the lifetime movies about teenage abusive relationships on our list. It is a difficult movie. At some point you may feel disgusted to watch it because it uncovers terrible consequences of difficult puberty. Everlasting problem – teenagers and drugs. The four friends live a normal life like many other teenagers until they start taking drugs. They take pills to achieve better results at basketball. They sniff glue to have more fun. This is how it always starts. 

As you can guess, some of the movies from our list may be subject to blockage or age restriction. Dealing with age restriction is simpler, but still can cause some inconveniences. 

Some regions may consider a movie too provocative or too hard to watch for different reasons. In this case it will be blocked.  It is, of course, possible to unblock websites online. Someone very smart once created a VPN service that is now used by the entire world. 

A movie is an art that influences our life. If you are worried about your kids and your relationships, and you’ve found a good movie that, you think, might help you, nothing should stand in your way. Simply unblock the website and watch your movie. Somebody’s story described in it may be salvation to your problem.