Musician Angelo David talks his new songs

Angelo David is a singer/songwriter and keyboard player. He began writing songs at age 8. On June 8, 2013, “House is Burning Down” trended at #4 worldwide on YouTube as one of the most popular music videos around the web. Britney Spears’ Las Vegas band backed Angelo at the Topsfield Fair in 2013. YEM spoke with Angelo about his career and his newest songs.

Young Entertainment Mag: So tell us, how did you first get involved in music?

Angelo David: I fell in love with the keyboard when I was young, and would create concerts on “tours” for family and friends in our basement. After writing and recording a few of my own songs, I had ideas for music videos which came to life and won some awards. I started performing at fairs and charity events, becoming obsessed with the stage and the audience. Writing was something that I did every day, and I continue to create my own music today.

YEM: You’re a young artist. Is it difficult to be a teenager in the music industry?

Angelo: Managing school and a full time music career is nearly impossible. The education system sucks because there is limited time for the creativity that we, as teenagers, desperately need. In my music video for “Lonely,” I incorporated characters that are trying to balance their dreams outside of school and are forced to give up their social lives. I wish that the school system would hear voices like mine and many others who feel this way. But, until then, it’s getting through the six hour day and balancing my time in a tug of war between music and homework. I make time for friends on the weekend. Kids need to have some kind of social life, right?

YEM: How would you describe your sound? How did you find your sound?

Angelo: Most of my music was produced by others when I was in middle school. Even though I was writing it myself. By my second EP, “Silhouette,” I had experimented with producing and fully created all six songs. Having the freedom to write and produce allows me to constantly play around with new sounds and figure out which ones I like. I’ve moved from a rock sound when I was younger to more of a pop sound. Right now I’m standing in the middle of a Pop/Alternative vibe with some rock elements.

YEM: Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

Angelo: My new song, “This Place,” is extremely dark and has a heavy beat. So I love moving with the music and acting out the intensity of the lyrics. As for some of my older music, “Don’t Play With My heart” is such a fun pop song to bounce around on stage to.

YEM: Tell us about your upcoming single “The Inside.” What is it about?

Angelo: “The Inside” is an RnB inspired song about the party scene in a town. It’s definitely more upbeat than “This Place.” But the song talks about social boundaries. As well as being exposed to some of your first parties as a teen. I worked very hard on the production to make it spacey at some parts, and heavy-hitting at other spots.

YEM: Finally, what’s ahead for you? Will you be touring or releasing a music video soon?

Angelo: I hope to travel next year for my music. Recently I’ve been working on some cool animated lyric videos that I designed myself. So you will be seeing some of those as well as actual music video(s) next year. The future is unpredictable but very exciting and I’m ready to embrace all that it holds for my music!