Musician Genève talks newest single “Orbit”

Singer, songwriter and producer Genève is originally from Germany and got her start within the music industry at a young age. She began penning her own music in her early teens, and at that point, was fully committed to pursue music as a career. While studying and traveling throughout Europe and Asia, including a transformational trek through The Himalayas, Genève started to take a serious interest in production, on top of being singer-songwriter. After two years abroad, she made the decision to move to Los Angeles and focus solely on her music career. Genève recently released her first single entitled “Constellations” in June 2016, and just released her newest single called Orbit. YEM spoke with Genève about her new song and what’s ahead for the rising musician.

(Elizabeth Parker)

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in music?

Genève: I have been singing since about the age of 3, and also took piano and flute lessons growing up. I remember performing for my family when I was young, it was just always a part of me. That gradually led to me writing and producing as well.

YEM: How would you describe your sound? How did you find your sound?

Genève: Initially, I was heavily influenced by EDM when I started producing. After growing more as an artist and a person, my sound evolved into a more accurate representation of myself and also my message. I’ve always enjoyed different genres of music, and feel my sound now pulls from many of these different styles. It contains orchestral elements such as piano, strings, and even a few horns here and there, but also combines with electronic synths. I love using cinematic drums and heavy-hitting electro baselines, but also counter it with ethereal pads and vocal effects. Overall, I like the idea of transcending genres, yet one could compare my style to alternative/contemporary pop.

YEM: Tell us about your new single, Obit.

Genève: Orbit is essentially a love song, but dives a bit deeper into the realm of soulmates. It tells the story of two souls that continue to reconnect throughout various lifetimes. It exemplifies a longing that many people feel, for a void within to be filled. One other meaning behind it though, is that we are able to fill this void not by another person, but ourselves.

YEM: You also self produced the song! Was that challenging?

Genève: I have been producing for almost a decade now, so from a technical point of view, it wasn’t difficult for me to produce Orbit. I feel if a song takes longer to complete, it’s normally due to revisions or when the flow isn’t quite there. Luckily, most of new material that will be released in the next year came very quickly to me and just flowed out without needing many alterations. I was able to hear the completed song in my head first before actually producing anything, which made it much easier. Compared to my other tracks, Orbit actually was one of the easier ones to produce as I wanted to have a more minimal sound to it, so it didn’t need as much work.

YEM: How does producing your song compare to performing it? 

Genève: Producing is very different from performing because typically it’s just me by myself in the studio. Especially when I’m tracking my vocals, it’s easy sometimes to get in my head and start overthinking things. When I perform, however, I’m completely in the moment and focused on the people I’m singing to. I love both the creative and performance aspects of being an artist, but I feel performing is when I truly showcase who I am as an artist and the message I am bringing to people through my music.

YEM: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Genève: I would love to collaborate with Above & Beyond or Blackmill; SIA would also be great to work with.

YEM: What’s ahead for you? Will you be touring or releasing a music video soon?

Genève: I will be releasing a remix package for Orbit in the beginning of October, and then the music video for it shortly after. Once the remixes are released, we will be scheduling live performances, so stay tuned!

Tune in to YEM’s Snapchat tomorrow as Genève takes over our account! Steam Genève’s song Orbit here