Must-Watch Inspirational Films for Students

Students who are getting an education in college look for attractive and appealing ways to learn new things or enlarge their knowledge. Going to classes and taking part in webinars and courses is one of the options. But the cinematic industry is developing more and more. There are movies inspired by real stories, historical events, and not only that can teach you a lot. And many of them can come with the touch of inspiration you much need. 

College life is pretty hectic at times and getting yourself motivated might be a challenge. Sometimes, all you need is someone to inspire you. Not all teachers manage to do this successfully. So, many students find inspiration in movie characters, especially in those stories inspired by reality. What movies should you watch when you need some inspiration as a student? Read on to discover some of the inspirational films you need to watch.

Inspirational Films To Watch

Good Will Hunting

One of the first movies worthy of this list. It tells the story of a 20-year-old youngster who is gifted with a talent in chemistry and mathematics. But life is not as you imagine it to be, so he might be wasting it. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Robin Williams are included in the cast, so it is a nice movie that will surely inspire you to search for your secret talent and be aware of your potential. 

The Great Debaters

A movie produced by Oprah Winfrey and starring Denzel Washington that could turn out to be a really inspiring experience. It is about a teacher who has encouraged his students to challenge the greatest debaters. It could remind college students of a teacher that motivated them to push forward and trust their powers. 

A movie to watch when you feel down as it will inspire you to challenge your powers and overcome academic obstacles ahead. Doing coursework is one of the tasks you might have and find daunting. You can pay to do coursework as a professional writer can help you overcome this challenge. There is nothing you cannot overcome; you just need to find the inner force to do it. And looking up to someone can help you do this, so this movie is a must-watch inspirational one. 

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything is a great movie that every student should see. It is about the life of Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our times. As any student who wants to study cosmology or physics might know, Stephen Hawking defied the probabilities and lived a lot more years over what doctors told him. 

He continued to live his life as he wanted and to make more and more discoveries. He is a true inspiration not only for students with disabilities but for anyone. Because this story shows the power of will. Do not let obstacles or challenges prevent you from going forward. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. 

Life of Pi

Some may wonder what part of this movie is inspirational. It portrays a rather peculiar event. An Indian boy ends up on a boat with a tiger. For the next few days, he tries to befriend the tiger and survive the hunger. It is important to highlight that the situation seemed wild. But the main character held strong and pushed forward. Even when the situation seems desperate, you can find the power to face it and find solutions. 


A very nice movie that could inspire students to see the benefits of their rivalries. Every student might find an academic rival in a colleague. But these rivalries, even though they could ruin friendships, they polish your skills. As you want to be better, you will work on becoming better. This is what the movie is about. A great and well-known rivalry of 1970 F1 between Niki Lauda and James Hunt made them train harder to prove they are better on the track.

Final Thoughts 

College students might often find themselves lost, demotivated, not feeling like studying. These moments are natural and could appear when you are too stressed and overwhelmed with your tasks. In these moments, you might be searching for a bit of inspiration. Watching a movie is always at hand. You can choose one of these must-watch inspirational films for students who want to get back on track.

Bio lines: Ray Campbell is a blogger passionate about movies. He has watched over 500 movies until now. His favorite ones are inspirational and true story movies.

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