My Own Revolution

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Published by Candlewick Press
ISBN 0763653950 (ISBN13: 9780763653958)

“Fourteen-year-old Patrik rebels against the communist regime in small ways whenever he gets the chance: spray-painting slogans, listening to contraband Beatles records, even urinating on a statue of Lenin under cover of night. But anti-Party sentiment is risky, and when party interference cuts a little too close to home, Patrik and his family find themselves faced with a decision — and a grave secret — that will change everything. As the moments tick toward too late, Patrik takes his family’s fate in hand, risking everything for a chance at freedom.”

Carolyn Marsden was born in Mexico City to missionary parents. She is the acclaimed author of The Gold-Threaded Dress and its sequel, The Quail Club. Carolyn Marsden has an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College. After spending the last twenty-five years in Tucson, Arizona, Carolyn Marsden now lives by the ocean with her husband and two daughters.