Netflix’s Stranger Things is Finally Back with Season 4 Teaser Trailer!

Summer 2022 is for stranger things —no, really the show is finally coming back! Fans have waited months, due to COVID-related delays, for their favorite mystery-filled supernatural show, and the new season is finally within reach. 

After various small teasers in 2020, it is confirmed Jim Hopper is still alive in Russia, Dr. Brenner is still running creepy experiments in the Rainbow Room, and a new family meets unfortunate fates in the very creepy, now abandoned, Creel House. Now with the newest trailer, fans are introduced to the final location, California, where Eleven and the Byers are now living.

It is very clear in the beginning of the trailer that Eleven is unhappy with her new life in California. While she insists she likes her new home in a letter to Mike, who’s still in Hawkins, it is clear she’s lying as her classmates ignore her and one even shoots a spitball at her. Even as things aren’t looking great for her, one thing is made clear: she is ready for spring break and to see her friends again. 

The rest of the trailer then dives into the chaotic events that are about to take place. With new hangout spots, creepy dolls, break-ins, and potential military involvement, this season is shaping up to be the most intense yet. There’s even a huge explosion at the end!


Oh, and Murray Bauman is back and is reportedly going to be a major character, perhaps intercepting Russian communications? 

Netflix also released all 9 of the episode titles during the Stranger Things Day event where the trailer was released.

The titles include:

Episode 1: “The Hellfire Club”

Episode 2: “Vecna’s Curse”

Episode 3: “The Monster and the Superhero”

Episode 4: “Dear Billy”

Episode 5: “The Nina Project”

Episode 6: “The Dive”

Episode 7: “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”

Episode 8: “Papa”

Episode 9: “The Piggyback”

As of now, there’s still no official release date. But, with this insanely intense trailer that you have to watch over and over to catch everything that’s happening, summer 2022 can’t come soon enough!

Watch the latest trailer again and again here!