New Book Tuesday: December 7

Here are the new books coming out for today on New Book Tuesday. Click each book for more information and to purchase. Which are you planning to read? Do you have a favorite of all the new titles being released this week? Tell us in the comments section below.

Christmas has arrived, and all the gods of the Silent Pantheon gather to celebrate another year and the goodwill of the holiday. For them, it is a time of merriment and family for all to share in. Well, almost all.

He had class, he had style, and he certainly was not fresh off the boat. He was fresh off a private jet.” In Not THAT Rich, we find that things are not always what they seem and, no matter how much money, power or influence you think you have, high school will always be complicated.

In Book 3 of The Broom Closet series, Charlie discovers that Grace has gone into hiding and is acting behind the scenes. Able to influence minds in ways that were previously unheard of in the witching world, Grace compels Charlie to unwittingly do things like taking on the bullies at Puget Academy and lying to his family. The more Charlie believes he is acting of his own accord, the more Grace secretly rebuilds her strength and plots her comeback.

The Shadow Behind the Dream is inspired by author Phyllistone Termine’s real life events. Born to immigrant parents Phyllistone, was forced to find a quick way to get money to aid his growing drug habit. In 2017, he was arrested on fraud charges at the age of 19. Today, he is a poet, songwriter, rapper, author, producer, and motivational speaker, despite being incarcerated. From his book, Phyllistone says, “Now I’m focusing on being the best person I can be and becoming a productive member of society”.

The first book of The Startrail fantasy series, The Startrail: Portal Painter, is a story of friendship, adventure, and fantastical realities that will make you look more closely at the world around you.