New Book Tuesday: February 27th

Here are all the new books coming out for New Book Tuesday. Which ones are you planning to read? Tell us in the comments section below. Click on the book if you’d like to purchase or learn more about it.

Told through multiple perspectives, the novel follows sixteen-year-old Zarin Wadia who doesn’t have the best reputation. But when she is in a deadly car crash, her reputation is all there is to piece the story together. The captivating novel deals with issues from race and class all the way to teenage love and rebellion.

This novel is an essential read for fans of LGBT genre. Seventeen young adult authors across the queer spectrum have come together to create a collection of beautifully written diverse historical fiction for teens.

This inspiring novel follows Elizabeth Lavenza, who enrolls at Ingold school as its first female medical student. She discovers a Bio-Mechanical that is more than it appears, and it may be a hidden secret from the school’s past.

This book is Part 2 of the Daughter of the Pirate King series. Fans of fantasy and undersea adventures will love this compelling novel where the Pirate King returns for battle.

The third and final book in the Everlife series concludes the exciting trilogy. Ten Lockwood returns to fight her final battle, but how far will she be willing to go for the sake of their realms and the Everlife?

This tale is inspired by the story of Anastasia, but puts an outer-space spin on the legend. Fans of action and science fiction will love this re-imagining.

Ellie Frias liked being invisible in high school, until she is the victim of an attack. As she deals with the painful aftermath, Ellie is hoping that someone will find her. The problem is, no one searches for a girl they never noticed in the first place.

Fans of 13 Reasons Why will love this novel, where Kay Donovan  is given a scavenger hunt after a classmate’s unexpected death. Not only is she running from her past, but now she’s running an entire murder investigation.

The first in an epic fantasy series features Tess, a brave new heroine as the main character. Fans of The Hunger Games and Brave will love this tale of a fearless lady who is out to create her own destiny.

This teen novel follows Eden, who thinks she has her life figured out. That is until Tate walks into Calculus class, and Eden’s focus changes. As the two become friends, everyone around them sees a connection…but does Tate?

Book one in the Traitor’s Game series takes place in the Kingdom of Antora. Our heroine Kestra Dallisor has returned from exile, but is kidnapped. She forms an unlikely bond with one of her kidnappers, Simon, and secrets begin to emerge in this irresistible fantasy series.

Small town girl Penny has her future all planned out. But when she unexpectedly lands a scholarship to a prestigious summer theater camp, she begins to realize that maybe the life everyone (including her) expects her to lead is not the one she was meant to have.

Book two of the Erin Blake series picks up three weeks after the first novel left off. Erin and her best friends are prepping a new classroom for CSI summer camp, where they will serve as camp counselors. The girls are under strict orders not to meddle with murder cases, but that’s easier said than done…

Linden Rose has a big secret–she is homeless and living in the halls of her small-town high school. But when cool-girl Bea comes to school with a bloody lip, the damage hits too close to home. Linden knows the only way to put a stop to the violence is to tell Bea’s story and come to terms with her own painful past. Even if that means breaking her rules for survival and jeopardizing the secrets she’s worked so hard to keep.