New Book Tuesday: March 13th

Here are all the new books coming out for New Book Tuesday. Which ones are you planning to read? Tell us in the comments section below. Click on the book if you’d like to purchase or learn more about it.

This fun read combines cosplay, comic shops, and college applications. ComicCon fans are sure to love this illustrated novel.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a giant? Meet Corinthia Bledsoe, a seven-foot tall high-school junior who can predict the future.

This heart-wrenching story deals with love in all forms and finding yourself when you’re far from home.

After a life changing experience, the next 24 hours of Audrey Harper’s life are more than she bargained for. Can she survive the fire of will she get burned?

The third book in the The Illuminae Files series wages a big war. With time running out, a final battle will be waged on land and in space, heros will fall, and hearts will be broken.

“Slay” is book two in the Freya series. After Freya escapes from the power-controlling Finemdi Corporation, her quest to defeat her new enemy takes her to Hollywood.

Roxanne Stewart’s word is turned upside down when she becomes an over-night music sensation. But when her boyfriend disappears, Rox will stop at nothing to find out the truth.

After Rona Blackburn landed on Anathema Island more than a century ago, she placed a curse on her neighbors.  Fast-forward one hundred–some years: All Nor Blackburn finds a book that promising to cast any spell- for the right price.

In an anthology of revolution and resistance, a sisterhood of twelve YA writers shines a light on a century and a half of heroines on the margins and in the intersections.

Seven students trapped in their school after a bomb goes off must fight to survive while also discovering who among them is the bomber.