Why the Kim Possible movie won’t be a disappointment

Last year, Disney Channel announced that a live action adaptation of the hit animated series Kim Possible was in the works. The original movie will be based off of the cartoon series, which ran on Disney Channel from 2002-2007.

“Kim Possible” was a wildly popular show, complete with four seasons and three Disney Channel original movies. News of a remake made fans a bit nervous since the original show show was so beloved.

First came casting news. Instead of the original cast members reprising their roles, Sean Giambrone and newcomer Sadie Stanley would play Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible, respectively.

The new Kim Possible

KIM POSSIBLE – Disney Channel’s “Kim Possible” stars Sean Giambrone as Ron Stoppable and Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible. (Disney Channel/Ed Herrera)

Next, fans were given sneak peeks of the character’s costumes. The costumes differed from those featured in the series, so fans started to worry.

But as a fan of the Kim Possible series, I definitely see promise in this new live action movie. So let’s take a look at what we know so far about the upcoming movie, and why diehard fans should rest assured.

One: The Characters
Up first, while this movie will bring these beloved characters into the real world, they will still relate back to the animated characters that we remember. Kim is still a typical high school girl, balancing schoolwork and cheerleading practice…oh yeah, and she saves the world.

So the movie will still have the kick-butt Kim that we all know and love. But this time, we get to see lots of cool stunts performed by the cast! There were lots of fun action scenes in the tv show, and the movie will as well.

Kim Possible villains

Two: The Villians
Not one, not two, but THREE Kim Possible villains from the show will be in the movie: Dr. Drakken, Shego, and Professor Dementor. That alone should be reason enough to watch. Because this new version of Kim Possible wouldn’t be the same without her recurring foes. Personally, I’m excited to see sassy Shego in real life. And, Professor Dementor is played by Patton Oswalt, who voiced the character in the animated series. In fact…

Three: Returning cast
Yes, the movie leads are played by new, younger actors. But, a lot of original cast members are returning! Aside from Patton Oswalt, Rufus is returning! That’s right, Nancy Cartwright herself is returning to voice everyone’s favorite naked mole rat. Plus, the original voice of Kim Possible, Christy Carlson Romano, will make an appearance in the movie as well.

Four: The original minds
The new Kim Possible movie wasn’t just a random idea. In fact, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle created the show, and have written the movie themselves. These guys made Kim Possible special from the beginning — I’m sure they won’t drop the ball on this one.

Five: The theme song
Yes, the theme song “Call Me Beep Me” is a classic. But just because this is a movie, doesn’t mean that we don’t get the classic tv theme! The song has been reworked and covered by the movie’s star, Sadie Stanley. And I bet it will be just as much of a bop as it always has been.

Six: New cast
Finally, no one likes change, I get it. Plus the show had such a perfect cast, and it can be hard to adjust to a new one. But this movie cast is full of talented actors that you’ve definitely seen before. First, The Goldbergs’ star Sean Giambrone plays Ron Stoppable. Personally, I love this casting. On The Goldbergs’, Sean plays a loveable nerd. So who does that sound like? That’s right—Ron Stoppable!

For Disney Channel fans, tech wizard Wade is played by a familiar face. Issac Ryan Brown from Raven’s Home plays Kim’s tech wizard friend that helps to guide her way. And for Nickelodeon fans, Erika Tham from the show Make It Pop stars as Kim’s frienemy, Bonnie.

Above all, it’s hard to judge the movie before it premieres. So tune in to the new movie and decide for yourself! The Kim Possible movie airs on Disney Channel on February 14.