New Music Friday: August 25th

What are the must-hear releases of the week?

Young Entertainment Magazine’s picks for this week include “Supernova” by Tim Young, “Slow Motion” by Maggie Cubillos, “Slip” by Bearings, and much more to choose from and listen to.

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1. “Supernova” by Tim Young

Tim Young recalled a powerful explosion of a past relationship in “Supernova” after making waves for his solo releases. Young’s known in the New York City nightlife scene for his work on Broadway.

“Supernova” is an epic ballad with an intense beginning and an unfortunate downfall, thanks to its pure piano, emotional strings, and powerful vocals.

Young shared with Variance Magazine: “I had one of those relationships that burned hot and fast, breaking up and getting back together over and over again, until it ultimately imploded on itself. He used to own a flower shop, and one day while we were walking around the city, he pointed out a bouquet of Supernovas. That word stuck in my head; it felt like us. A supernova is the death of a star, an explosion creating one of the most brilliant, brightest events in the universe, leaving behind a husk, a monument to what once was.”

2. “Slow Motion” by Maggie Cubillos

Maggie Cubillos released “Slow Motion” to the general public.

“Slow Motion” is a soul-stirring single with top-notch keys and drums by Aaron Mastin, James Blunt, and Liz Phair. And, of course, Cubillos’ top-tier voice.

Cubillos told Rock ‘N’ Load Mag: “‘Slow Motion’ is for everyone who’s been scared to move on. It’s scary to acknowledge the end of a chapter and move forward but there is no set timeline for that. I think society pressures us to feel like we should be at a certain place in our healing process when in reality that looks sooo different for everyone. Healing isn’t linear and writing this song helped me realize that and understand that growth takes time.”

3. “Slip” by Bearings

Bearings recently released their new single “Slip” to the public.

“Slip” is the latest single from Bearings’ new album, The Best Part About Being Human, which was released on August 18th.

Bearings said in a press release: “‘Slip’ was something that came together on its own … The chorus sort of has that country sway to it and the versus tell a story about the wonder and fragility of life. The feelings of loving, but knowing you can never be perfect for that person or rather perfect for anyone as you’re only human. Looking into others experiences and how they found their way through the ups and downs together and what that might have looked like.”

4. “Say Something” by Karen Harding

Karen Harding announced her debut album, Take Me Somewhere, and her debut single “Say Something” in recent days.

“Say Something” is a song that reflects the moods, feelings, and pivotal moments of Harding’s professional and personal life.

Commenting on her new album, Harding explained to Front View Magazine: “It’s definitely a dance album, but I’ve made sure it has real moments of light and shade.”

5. “Stuck In My Head” by Jay-Way

Jay-Way’s new song got “Stuck In My Head” this past week.

“Stuck In My Head” showcases Jay-Way’s vocal prowess on full display throughout the track. Each one of his notes draws his target audience into his world, where vulnerability becomes a source of strength. Listeners can expect to reflect on their experiences of heartache and self-discovery as they listen to his single.

“Stuck In My Head” proves that Jay-Way’s musical versatility has no bounds.

6. “Party In The U.S.A” by Thomas Barnes

Thomas Barnes, also known as DJ NIGHT ACCLAIM, is known for his serious singing and songwriting, but his newest release “Party In The U.S.A” is a carefree cover song. Miley Cyrus originally released “Party In The U.S.A” on August 4, 2009.

Barnes is 17-years-old and will turn 18 this December, but his musical versatility made him who he is today — the youngest DJ and multi-instrumentalist to ever capture our ears.

In an interview with The Hollywood Times, Barnes said “Party In The U.S.A” is a childhood favorite song of his, and he specifically chose NIGHT ACCLAIM because he wanted something unique and Googleable.

7. “Blame” by The Xcerts

“Blame” is the most quintessential song on The Xcerts’ new album, LEARNING HOW TO LIVE AND LET GO.

The Xcerts’ frontman Murray Macleod told Kerrang!: “It was important for us to look back but push the boundaries of what, in essence, is quite a simple pop song … The majority of the new record was written in the studio, but we crafted this one in the rehearsal room and I feel like you can hear the three-piece chemistry and urgency within the recording.”

8. “Last Call” by Evanthia Theodorou

Evanthia Theodorou released her new single “Last Call” in recent weeks.

“Last Call” showcases Theodorou’s emotive storytelling and delving into themes of unrequited love, the pursuit of deeper connections, and the empowering journey of self-discovery as a woman. 

Acclaimed producer and songwriter Chris Gelbuda told News Direct: “Evanthia (Theodorou) is one of the most driven people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a unique, effortless sound, and I’m excited for the world to hear what we created.”

9. “Rosé Glow” by Sophia Petro

Sophia Petro got lost in the “Rosé Glow” in her new single.

“Rosé Glow” is a single from Petro’s new EP, The 11th Hour, which was released on August 11th. Throughout the lush indie pop anthem, Petro described those moments before hitting the town with friends and wondering where the night will take them.

Commenting on her track, Petro shared to MELODIC MAG: “Gabrielle [Emery, producer] put down a vibe (the iconic guitar lick at the beginning of the track), and I pulled up my notes app on my phone and started writing down lyric ideas. We wrote up until the end of the first chorus, and then I took it home and wrote the remainder of the song that very night because I was so inspired!”

10. “Only Gotta Start” by Peter Wise

Peter Wise relinquished negativity in his new single “Only Gotta Start” and shed his pride, ego, and emotions of pain and frustration in order to fulfill a happier and healthier mindset.

Wise confided to Variance Magazine: “I was feeling pretty burned out with my life at the time I wrote this song. I felt that, despite being extremely busy and making a concerted effort to move forward professionally and personally, I wasn’t making any forward progress. I really wanted to move on in my life, see progress in my career and progress in letting go of a past relationship.”

“Only Gotta Start” isn’t only a motivational anthem, but also a bright, sunshine-like tune that polished to Wise’s finest standards. His soothing vocals glided effortlessly over playful instrumentation, while his melodic guitar mimicked a vocal-like quality.

11. “Heartbreak You Can Hear” by Caroline Romano

Caroline Romano gave us a love story with her new EP, A Brief Epic.

Romano’s EP is bookended with heartbreak in the form of “Heartbreak You Can Hear” — a single that sets us up with an interesting journey. “Heartbreak You Can Hear” can hit listeners with the conflicting feelings that come with new loves.

Like the other songs on the EP, “Heartbreak You Can Hear” provides listeners with the components essential to any great story, no matter how brief.

12. “Pour Decisions” by Brady Riley

Brady Riley delivered a tongue-in-cheek track “Pour Decisions” to showcase his trademark blend of country, pop, and rock.

“Pour Decisions” is led by a punchy instrumentation that cushions Riley’s deep vocal lines, combining to form a sultry and emotive track.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, Riley told EARMILK: “‘Pour Decisions’ is what I make every weekend in Nashville. I never realized how much more vulnerable I am once I’ve had a few in me at Red Door — which can be super fun or just a headache for a couple of days or even worse — regret.”

13. “Drown Me Out” by McMillin

McMillin released a new single and music video for “Drown Me Out” to take listeners on a vivid journey through genre and style.

“Drown Me Out” is a song about miscommunication between romantic partners. McMillin’s use of various instruments, sounds, and beats to turn a frustrating storyline into a spirited dance song, creating a unique auditory experience and a modern disco sound that feels colorful, airy, and magical.

McMillin explained to “Another departure from my usual style, this song is evocative of disco, electronic, and funk, with its club, pounding rhythms. What allows this song to stand out from other dance songs is its foot that is placed in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. The fuzzed out guitar leads take center stage in this high energy song.”

14. “Project Paradise” by Fabled Mind

Fabled Mind returned with their title track “Project Paradise” ahead of their upcoming LP, Project Paradise, due on August 29th.

“Project Paradise” can help listeners — like you — take a seat, find comfort, and let the imagination run wild.

Fabled Mind wrote: “The song explores a sinister mechanism within Project Paradise, which erases human dreams and replaces them with captivating hyper-positive illusions to hook and control individuals within the AI’s simulation system.”

15. “Lifeline” by Glockenbach ft. Ella Henderson

Glockenbach and Ella Henderson released “Lifeline” to electrify dancefloors this summer.

“Lifeline” is an upbeat dance track that channels that feeling of being with someone you can’t imagine your life without. “Lifeline” follows Glockenbach’s winter collaboration record “Yeah” with Joel Corry, Tenchi, and ClockClock.

Glockenbach is one of Germany’s most exciting new electronic artists. With the last two singles alone, Glockenbach generated nearly 100 million streams worldwide.


LUNA AURA dropped a new song “CANDY COLORED DAYDREAM” to mesmerize crowds.

Speaking about the new single, LUNA AURA said: “‘CANDY COLORED DAYDREAM’ is about my relationship with magic mushrooms, and how they’ve given me the confidence and courage to be authentically myself in a world full of actors.”

LUNA AURA’s third EP, THE FICTION, is anticipated for release in the fall of 2023. THE FICTION will feature “CANDY COLORED DAYDREAM” along with “MONEY BAG” and “LOST IN THE FICTION” — just to name a few.

17. “Marvel” by Spanish Love Songs

Spanish Love Songs released “Marvel” as the final single ahead of their new album, No Joy.

Spanish Love Songs’ guitarist and vocalist Dylan Slocum wrote: “‘Marvel’ is the backbone of the album thematically. It was written for a friend, and the chorus was a throwaway joke that has just sort of stuck. It’s probably the most positive song I’ve ever written, and a response to every complaint I’ve ever lodged in other songs.”

Spanish Love Songs are gearing up for their joint UK and EU tour set to commence on August 31st at Pryzm, Kingston.

18. “Witness” by Hannah Wicklund

Hannah Wicklund released a new single “Witness” and an accompanying music video.

“Witness” is a deeply personal song about claiming heartbreak, embracing it, and using it to heal through some of the toughest times in life. “Witness” is the latest song to be taken from Wicklund’s forthcoming album, The Prize, due on October 13th.

Wicklund confessed to R o c k ‘N’ L o a d: “Getting into your first relationship as a strong, driven, and young woman, it’s very difficult to experience someone dim your light, but even harder to recognize it … Insecurities within young people play out in terrifying ways, and it’s very hard to not absorb other people’s darkness. ‘Witness’ was the awareness I found in myself that it is not my responsibility to save anyone.”

19. “2028” by Amelie Jat

Amelie Jat released her latest single “2028” — a synth-pop anthem that features 1980s synths and dancey four-on-the-floor drums. “2028” is a departure from Jat’s usual pop-punk style.

“2028” is a song that’s more layered and an emotionally-rich sound, moving away from simple 2000s throwbacks.

Jat’s new mixtape, CINEMATIC!, captures her most chaotic, transformative, and unforgettable moments as she navigates through life and discovers her true self.

20. “Take What You Need” by Stefan West

Stefan West will release his new single “Take What You Need” on September 1st. “Take What You Need” will serve as the first glimpse of West’s full-length debut album, Cambridge. 

“Take What You Need” can captivate listeners with its moving and candid storytelling, delving into the experiences of giving oneself entirely to situations, whether they’re businesses, romances, or friendships.

West told the Rise Indie newsroom: “This song was actually written whilst working a trade job around three years ago in the beginning of COVID. I remember climbing up and down a ladder to voice note different lines of the verse. I then fleshed the song out further with Aaron Schembri, before going in to record it with Chris at the end of 2021.”