New Music Friday: High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Season three has been wrapped up for some time now as we look towards the bright future of season four of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series! With speculations of what this new season will be about soaring around, the idea of original cast members making appearances will surely excite the mind. Nevertheless, it has been said that they will be putting on High School Musical: Senior year in this new season! Well, it is most of the main characters’ senior year this season anyway. With this week’s New Music Friday, we look back to classic Disney movies that have iconic songs we hope to see in the new season. Some might be wacky, and some might be just what we need with this week’s New Music Friday!

1. “Hero” by Ashlyn Caswell (Star Struck)

It seems like Ashlyn can do it all as she is a star at singing, dancing, and acting. A major turning point for her in the show is when she kissed Big Red, developing her character, and showing that she can go after what she wants without others telling her differently. Now just imagine her singing the iconic “hero” to a possible future love interest!

2. “What You Mean to Me” by Big Red (Star Struck)

Come on, everyone loves a little bromance. With Ricky being one of Big Red’s best friends in the show, who is to say he can’t sing this one for him to show how much he cares about him? I mean for one, he is the reason Big Red got into drama!

3. “Outside Looking in” by Gina (Read It and Weep)

Imagine, now just imagine Gina singing the classic song from Read It and Weep, “Outside Looking In”! We see Gina go through many issues while being seen as the “mean girl” a few seasons ago. However, her issues derived from not being able to make lasting friendships. Seemingly fixed in seasons two and three, we question, is this still an issue deep down?

4. “Did I Mention” by EJ (Descendants)

Come on, it’s senior year! As we see EJ go through some turmoil in the show such as relationships, or even losing his role in plays, EJ is all about making his time last and enjoying it before going to college. One last song for him though to show who he really loves. Can you guess who it is?

5. “Do What You Gotta Do” by Ricky (Descendants 3)

Ah, if you know Ricky then you know his love and passion for women. Even if these women get him into some serious love triangles. While he might be stuck, we also might see him doing what he must do in this new season with the classic song from Descendants 3!

6. “Strut” by Emmy (Cheetah Girls 2)

Well, she definitely has the singing capacity to go crazy with this one! Emmy, the singing sensation herself. With her being introduced in season 3, who is to say she won’t play a bigger role in the fourth season?  Especially with a powerful song like this, it could bring her to the top!

7. “Good to Be Bad” by Maddox (Descendants 3)

Ahhh, the quick-witted, smart-minded Maddox who always plays by the rules. Who is to say this might not change? It’s fun to imagine if Maddox comes back and breaks out of her shell. If so, what would be a cooler song to sing than this one?

8. “Gotta Be Me” by Carlos (Teen Beach 2)

From outsider to a key character. We see Carlos rise to his potential taking on star roles and showing his value. Certainly, we could see him playing a major role in season four. What better way to show his value and how far he has come than the song “Gotta Be Me”? Evidently, being himself is what got him so far!

9. “Cinderella” by Kourtney (Cheetah Girls)

Come on, everybody knew that Kourtney had to be on this list! The crazy part is, in the earlier season no one knew if she would ever have a shot on the big stage as a singer. With her role in season three being more of a prominent one, we can certainly see this role growing to even further extents in season four. Just how far she has come to glory, what would be better than a glorious song like that of “Cinderella”!

10. “If Only” by Miss Jenn (Descendants)

Finally, it’s time to bring in an adult! This adult is none other than Miss Jenn. Believe it or not, she has some relationship turmoil as well. Not to mention her ex-boyfriend is at a rival school. If only Miss Jenn had a song she could sing. Oh, wait, she might just have that!

11. “Wildside” by Jet (Babysitting)

We first see Jet as more of a mysterious guy in the show. He hangs around Camp Shallow Lake alone. I feel his character will come to the forefront in season 4. Not only was he on the wild side of nature hanging out by the lake, but maybe, just maybe he is the type of guy who lives on the wild side of life too. What a song this would be for him to sing to change people’s perspective on him.

12. “What If” by Ashlyn Caswell (Cheetah Girls)

There were most certainly a lot of what-ifs in season three. The question is if these will be answered in season four. There is the what if for Ashlyn’s role in the next musical, and the what if for what she will do about the boy situation. Well, you can say this song fits her.

13. “Turn Up the Music” by Big Red (Lemonade Mouth)

We see Big Red get more and more into the groove of Drama over the seasons. I feel as if season four is one in which he will shine. Maybe singing it out of the blue, or while he is just feeling himself, this one would be awesome to hear and see Big Red express his love for the tunes.

14. “Notice Me” by Seb Mathew Smith (Pixel Perfect)

Seb isn’t just a character that everyone in the show has grown to like, but he is a character that the audience has grown to like as well. His naive yet comedic statements about cows and farm life are sometimes quite funny. It might have you thinking, “this guy might not be the best with girls”. I feel as if this new season might be a time for him to show his interest in a special someone. Evidently, we could totally see Seb singing this classic to himself. Just who is that girl he likes? Who knows but hopefully there is more we will find out soon!

15. “Determinate” by Gina (Lemonade Mouth)

I can really see Gina taking the forefront in the upcoming season four. As a character, she has progressed a lot over the seasons. The song “Determinate” from Lemonade Mouth is one that screams main character. I feel that if she sang this song, it would project her dominance, and people would grow to like her even more.

16. “Rush” by Kourtney (Twitches)

The perfect song to describe Kourtney’s situation over the seasons. As stated, Kourtney is now taking more of a forefront on the stage as a singer. I bet she feels the rush in every situation which is why we would love to hear her sing this classic!

17. “Push It to the Limit” by EJ (Jump In)

EJ is a sports guy just like the original person to sing this song, Corbin Bleu. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see these two characters reunite on the court singing this song together? As we know, Corbin is set to make appearances in season four so let’s not write this one off!

18. “On the Ride” by Kourtney (Cow Belles)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I picture this song being sung in a car, by four main characters as the last scene of the last episode fades out. Whom do I imagine one of those characters might be? I’d say, Kourtney. As none of us know if this will be the last season or not, I feel this would be a great ender.

19. “She’s So Gone” by Ricky (Lemonade Mouth)

This man is going to have to figure out his love situation sooner or later. We might find him having to cut off some girls, or even find some new ones as we know Ricky is a true player on the field! What better way to do that than the perfect song to match Ricky’s actions?

20. “Good To Be Home” by EJ, Ricky, Kourtney, Gina (Let it Shine)

Finally, there must be a valuable ending to the season. With it being about senior year, and everyone leaving each other for college, I feel as if a song that talks about loving your home is just right. I feel as if main characters such as EJ, Ricky, and even Gina and Kourtney can take place in this one as it can signify the end.