New Music Friday: October 6th

As the weather starts cooling off and you start sitting down to make your fall playlists, make sure to give these new releases a listen: 

1) Jonah Kagen – “Pollution”

Jonah Kagen’s new song “Pollution” is the perfect fall vibe. If you like The Lumineers or Noah Kahan, this is the new artist for you. This music is soft, sweet and the perfect listen. Stream anywhere you get your music today!

2) Ne-Yo – “Link Up”

New from Motown Records, is “Link Up” from Ne-Yo. This song is an easy listen with a funky chorus that will definitely be getting stuck in your head.

3) Drew Haley – “Don’t Mess With Mama”

Country fans look out! This song from Drew Haley is sassy and powerful and everything you need in a female powerhouse anthem. With relatable lyrics and musical motifs, this song is everything you never knew you needed! Listen now!

4) 408 – “Break Up With Your Girlfriend”

If you like 5 Second of Summer or Panic! At the Disco, you are going to love this new tune from 408. This song is creative and funny and the perfect headbanger to blare in your bedroom.

5) Eric Sorrels (feat. Matthew Boyd Snyder) – “Girlypop”

If you are looking for a new anthem to blare in the car, this is the perfect tune for you! It is catchy and creative and an all-around bop. Make sure to give this song by Eric Sorrels and Matthew Boyd Snyder a listen! 

6) Jax Jones (feat. D.O.D.) – “Won’t Forget You”

This new song “Won’t Forget You” from Jax Jones and D.O.D. is the perfect 90s hyperpop EDM jam. Listen today!

7) La Rosa Noir – “Red Motorcycle”

With themes from Latin America, this new track “Red Motorcycle” is sure to be a perfect vibe for the spooky season. La Rosa Noir’s song has a hauntingly enchanting vocal melody and guitar solo that is a must listen this fall.

8) Latewaves – “I Only Dance At Weddings”

If you are looking for that edgy early 2000s sound, this song is perfect for you. With elements from Green Day, Train and Daughtry, “I Only Dance At Weddings” truly exceeds expectations. Stream now!

9) Kayla Divenere – “Date Myself”

“Date Myself” from Kayla Divenere is finally out after much anticipation from TikTok fans. This tune was truly worth the wait so make sure to check it out today!

Check out her TikTok here:

10) Sharl – “No Other”

In this pop rock track from Sharl, we get a funky new perspective into the classic modern love song. With creative and unique instrumentation, this song is truly like “No Other”.

11) Arctic Lake – “Hold Me”

Sweet new song “Hold Me” is sure to strike a chord with you. It has a beautiful vocal melody that carries the intense and emotional look at a past love story. Check out “Hold Me” today.

12) Maya Delilah – “Necklace”

Maya Delilah’s song “Necklace” has a beautiful and enchanting feel to it. With soft and sweet vocals from Maya herself, this song is sure to make it onto your fall playlist. 

13) Surf Mesa – “Run”

New from pop producer Surf Mesa is the song “Run”. With its deep message of self-sabotage and powerful lyrics “all I want to do is run from the good ones” it is sure to relate with many listeners. If you like pop or songs with a little bit of EDM, this is the perfect song for you.

14) Makenzie Phipps – “You Bring the Beer (I’ll Bring the Noise)”

You absolutely have to check out this release from Makenzie Phipps. It is a nice and easy country song that has witty lyricism and beautiful vocals. This new song is sure to get stuck in your head. Listen wherever you get your music today. You won’t regret it.

15) Joy Anonymous – “I Did You Wrong”

This track from Joy Anonymously is the perfect combo of Surfaces and Daniel Caesar with just a little bit of Jack Johnson. It is creative and vibey and catchy and definitely a must listen of this week.

16) Sophie Shredz – “Eyez on Me”

In this new track from the edgy new artist Sophie Shredz, we get an angsty pop rock anthem that is sure to knock your socks right off. 

17) Amandla Stenberg – “Wicked Animal”

As we head into spooky season, make sure you check out this song by Amandla Stenberg. It is the perfect background track for this year’s Halloween party.

18) Karen Harding – “Take Me Somewhere”

New off of her debut album is the title track “Take Me Somewhere” from Karen Harding. Check out this catchy pop anthem today and make sure to give the rest of this album a listen.

19) Samie Bower – “Wrong”

This R&B jam from Samie Bower is a great addition to your autumn. It is groovy, creative and the right vibe for this fall. Check it out! 

20) AVIV – “Running Shoes”

If you’re looking for a cool new track to jam out to while out on a crisp autumn jog, what could be better than AVIV’s new track “Running Shoes”? Stream this song along with the rest of her new album today!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Top 20! Make sure to checkback again next week for the hottest releases!