New Music Friday: September 1st

There’s nothing quite like a Friday, but is there a great, new way to ring in the weekend? Yes indeed.

At Young Entertainment Magazine, we’re dedicated to bringing 20 brand-new, little-known songs by artists and bands you’ve likely never heard of before. This week’s New Music Friday for September 1st starts with “Man Or Machine” by Off Lights and ends with “Man On Mars” by Boston Flowers.

Which song is your No. 1 favorite? Let us know in the comments!

1. “Man Or Machine” by Off Lights

Off Lights released their new single “Man Or Machine” in recent weeks.

“Man Or Machine” uses the interplay of melancholic lyrics and positive sounding tunes to prove the band’s desire to reflect the ambivalence of the subject in the song and encourage through the helpful message, despite the increasing mechanization of the world, not to lose faith in the true and in their own humanity.

Off Lights is a brand-new rock band from Berlin, Germany. Off Lights’ talent is versatile, combining anthemic soundscapes and instantly infectious and catchy melodies.

2. “Somewhere in Astoria” by Sarah Bernstein

Sarah Bernstein is a German-American singer-songwriter from Salisbury, Maryland.

Sarah Bernstein’s latest single “Somewhere in Astoria” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and released on July 28, 2023. “Somewhere in Astoria” is a pop song with emotional lyrics, thought-provoking questions, and an intense buildup.

Bernstein initially attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, before transferring to Fordham University and making New York City her home. 

3. “Rib Cage” by Zoe Ko 

Zoe Ko unveiled her poignant new single “Rib Cage” to the general public.

“Rib Cage” is a deeply emotional song that explores the concept of homesickness and personal attachment. “Rib Cage” captures the raw, visceral emotions of the complexities of life, making it the perfect song for anyone who has felt the pang of homesickness and the warmth of love.  

Ko is an indie pop singer with an almost magical ability to turn something as abstract as homesickness into something tangible and relatable. 

4. “from the heart <3” by caro♡

caro♡ announced her sophomore album, wild at <3, with her upcoming single “from the heart <3” just days before her sophomore album’s debut.

“from the heart <3” begins with ethereal vocal harmonizations, gradually intensifies, and ultimately unleashes a powerful surge of synths.

caro♡ was one of the founding members of the experimental synth pop trio, Planet 1999. She has also collaborated with many artists in the hyperpop space, such as Charli XCX, Cecile Believe, and Namasenda. Her previous solo work can be found in her freshman album, Heartbeats/Heartbreaks.

5. “Suicide Handbook” by PITY PARTY

PITY PARTY shared their new single and music video for “Suicide Handbook” in recent days.

“Suicide Handbook” is from their new EP, Sick Sad World Survival Guide, which was released on August 24, 2023.

According to the band’s press release, PITY PARTY said: “The red and blue split variant will benefit A Safe Place in Oakland, CA, and PAAR in Pittsburgh, PA; two organizations fighting against sexual violence through support, advocacy, education, intervention, safe housing, mental and physical health services, crisis care and survivor empowerment.”

6. “Too Hot” by Liz Cass

Liz Cass released a scorching new single “Too Hot” to cast away fickle past relationships.

“Too Hot” is a sizzling hot track that glistens with an 1980s disco shimmer and an infectious funky groove.

Regarding the single, Cass told MNPR Magazine: “‘Too Hot’ is the first single from my next project. It’s inspired by those fiery and quick to burn out romances that lack any meaningful foundation. A lot of fun and excitement but never lasting. I used to seek that out, but now just the idea of it is exhausting to me!”

7. “4ever1” by caro♡

Yes, we’ll give you a double dose of caro♡ this Friday!

caro♡ released a new album teaser in her single “4ever1” to the public. “4ever1” is the latest release from her upcoming album, Heartbeats/Heartbreaks, due on September 8, 2023.

On the new single, caro♡ told Dork:”‘4ever1’ is this idea of realising we are all one, and it sounds hippie maybe, but it’s like within this spiritual quest of internal peace, I think that’s where you’re supposed to land. When you feel that you’re a part of everything and everyone, and that everything and everyone is a part of you, there is no fear or anxiety, and it’s the source of so much strength. There’s no competition, it’s the abundance vs scarcity mindsets I suppose, like anything good that anyone does enriches you, and similarly, anything positive you do benefits everyone, and that makes any personal pursuit even more noble.”

“This song and the rest of the album is about that a lot, letting go of fear and expressing yourself freely, believing in yourself and your ideas, and thus possibly inspiring other people to do the same, and then it comes back to you again, like a positive feedback loop. These songs are a reflection of the self-talk I’d like to have all the time, the energy of this song and of the rest is the sort of energy I needed to find within in order to feel courageous enough to be myself and carry on doing what I wanted to do in music, in my life, and that’s the message and energy I wanted to give out. We live in these like gloomy times, but there’s so much beauty to find, and I don’t think anyone should ever feel lonely or useless, I think that everyone has a rainbow inside their hearts, and that there are no geniuses or people who are more ‘special’ than others, anyone can do amazing things and we should all encourage each other to do these things, because we all benefit in the end.”

8. “Thank God” by Gabi Sklar

Gabi Sklar shared her new single “Thank God” on all streaming platforms.

“Thank God” can be described as a “cathartic release of emotion packaged into a stunning pop ballad.” Sklar utilizes her effortless vocal command to sing about leaving a toxic relationship and finding freedom and self-assurance on the other side.

Sklar told Guitar Girl Magazine: “‘Thank God’ is that first breath of fresh air after coming out of a toxic relationship … It’s not only about coming to terms with that destructive period in your life ending, but it’s also about beginning the process of healing your relationship with yourself.”

9. “Enemies With Benefits” by AlienBlaze

AlienBlaze dropped a new single “Enemies With Benefits” to dish tough love in an edgy way.

“Enemies With Benefits” is one of AlienBlaze’s favorite songs she has recorded so far. The 20-year-old UK rocker was reportedly “loosely inspired” by “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John.
AlienBlaze revealed to Kerrang!: “I’ve read so many books to really learn my craft, everything from every genre, which is why I consider my music genre-fluid because I take inspiration from everywhere. I consider it a rock hybrid.”

10.  “The Red Means I Love You” by Madds Buckley

Madds Buckley released her new single “The Red Means I Love You” in recent times.

According to, “The Red Means I Love You” wasn’t only dedicated to anime, but also to a specific heroine. Buckley dedicated her brand-new song to the villain, Himiko Toga. Toga’s ability to metamorphose by absorbing another person’s blood serves as a direct reference to Buckley’s line when she sings, “Red means I love you.”

Are you curious about this thought-provoking track now?

11. “Ethereal” by TYDL 

TYDL welcomed listeners into their celestial sonic world with “Ethereal” — their debut single that marked the beginning of the UK duo’s journey.

“Ethereal” can captivate listeners with its “villain energy” as it takes them into the psyche of an individual consumed by a love interest. As a result, the individual’s potency of their emotions becomes so overwhelming that they hold their lover in a spell in order to never let them go.

Moreover, “Ethereal” exudes an ethereal essence, where haunting melodies, rumbling basslines, and delicate, twinkling synths hold listeners in their enchanting atmospheres.

12. “Night Owl” by The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots premiered their new single and music video for “Night Owl” ahead of their U.S. tour dates. 

“Night Owl” is from The Dollyrots’ upcoming album, Night Owls, to be released on October 13, 2023. “Night Owl” has already been deemed “The Coolest Song In The World” on Sirius XM’s Underground Garage, thanks to its knife-sharpened irony and poodle-skirt nostalgia.

The Dollyrots consist of Kelly Ogden (bass and vocals) and Luis Cabeza (guitar and vocals) with Aixar Vilar and Simon Hancock as their current touring drummers.

13. “lowercase” by Unknown Caller

Now’s the perfect time to stream “lowercase” by Unknown Caller!

“lowercase” can be described as an energetic song with eccentric vocals and lyrics, such as “Always on the move.” So, if you’re always on the move, you should listen to this song, as this can inspire you to make things happen in the near future.

Unknown Caller is a pop musician based in New York City. 

14. “Riptide” by Chirasha Rawal

We love cover artists, and Chirasha Rawal is our cover artist of the week.

Rawal’s cover of “Riptide” by Vance Joy made our day. “Riptide” is an upbeat indie rock song that was originally released by Joy on May 21, 2013.

If you’re in the mood for a coming-of-age love story with memorable metaphors and pop culture references, you should watch (and listen to) Rawal’s Instagram reel in the link above. You’re welcome.

15. “Misbehave” by RAGS AND RICHES

RAGS AND RICHES returned with their new single “Misbehave” on August 21, 2023.

“Misbehave” is a bold new single with a naughty-but-nice feel. If you’re an alternative pop fan, you might want to listen to this song, as it details a couple attempting to put the spark back into their relationship. You won’t regret this at all!

RAGS AND RICHES told “We had the name ‘Misbehave’ in mind for the song and the concept was just this couple that has seen their relationship go stale and they are trying to find some ways to find that spark again. With that in mind the song naturally found its humor, sexy, and serious moments on its own.”

16. “I Refuse” by HARU NEMURI

HARU NEMARI released “I Refuse” ahead of her upcoming EP, INSAINT, due on September 29, 2023.

“I Refuse” is the lead single from INSAINT, and will be released on September 8, 2023. You can pre-save the single in the link above.

NEMARI’s INSAINT is her first body of work since her critically-acclaimed album, SHUNKA RYOUGEN, in 2022.

17.  “let go” by little luna

little luna presented a moving sonic offering in “let go” to mesmerize her listeners.

“let go” is about a person who refuses to let go. little luna’s main message can draw listeners in — especially if they can relate, whether they refuse to let go of a parent, significant other, pet, etc.

little luna is an alternative artist based in Los Angeles, California.

18. “There Is No Rule” by Whitney Lyman

Whitney Lyman reminds listeners there’s no rule that says you can’t have fun. Lyman’s new single “There Is No Rule” urges listeners to let loose and enjoy themselves.

“There Is No Rule” is the first single from the Seattle-born, California-based pop singer’s upcoming album, Love Spell. 

Lyman told Tinnitist that the song was partially inspired by her desire to make something more lighthearted after moving to Los Angeles and then Palm Springs just before 2020. 

19. “Help Is On The Way” by Telltale

Telltale recently released their cover of “Help Is On The Way” by Rise Against. Rise Against originally released “Help Is On The Way” on January 25, 2011.

Telltale’s cover comes as a part of a compilation featuring Rude Records artists covering tracks by bands they love that try to make the world a better place. Rude Records’ project includes their charity division, Rude Cares.

Telltale bassist, Tim Fogg, told the idobi Network: “We’re proud to present our cover of ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Rise Against in partnership with Rude Records for their Changing Tides compilation. We chose this song because it’s a call to action in response to the effects of climate change. Hurricane Katrina was such a major event in US history. It brought the effects of global warming to the forefront of the national media.”

“I spent a week helping clean up the beaches and community of Biloxi, Mississippi, in 2006. So, this song really speaks to me. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Sea Shepherd on this release. All streaming profits benefit their efforts to conserve the world’s ocean and marine wildlife. We encourage you to check out their mission statement over at”

20. “Man On Mars” by Boston Flowers

Boston Flowers released an intoxicating new single “Man On Mars” ahead of their upcoming album, Mondegreen, due on September 13, 2023.

“Man On Mars” boasts pure upbeat intoxication, encouraging listeners to treat every second of life with utmost value and to treat every day with a sense of community. The song’s sound blends well with layered guitars, consistent drums, and strong vocals, exuding happy energy to fit in with the alternative pop-rock community.

Boston Flowers shared to NYS MUSIC: “Being in a busy city (like New York City) and working in a workplace with multiple moving parts, ‘Man On Mars’ touches on the interpersonal connections we must find to make it through each day, and growing a temporary armor to keep the bad away.”